Lavish Style Hustlers Klan – Ridin’ High


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1 Intro 02:16
2 Ridin’ High 03:46
3 Pussy Hound 04:49
4 Down Home With Jay Soul 02:03
5 The Un-Fade-Able 03:31
6 Breaking Off Busters 05:01
7 Trip To The Other Side 01:57
8 Comin’ Lavish 03:35
9 Jockin’ For Snaps 05:00
10 Don’t Take Me For A Joke 05:10
11 Comin’ Straight From Oakland 05:21
12 Indonesia 05:22
13 Give’m That Funk 04:56
14 Facts On The Outro Trip 04:28


“Ridin’ High” is a studio album by the Oakland-based rap group Lavish Style Hustlers Klan, released in 1993 by Cali-Jam Music. The album showcases the group’s unique blend of hip hop and funk, with a touch of gangsta style, representing the diverse musical influences of Oakland during the early 1990s.

The album is divided into two sides: the “Lavish Side” and the “Hustlers Side.” The Lavish Side starts with an “Intro” and moves into the title track, “Ridin’ High,” setting the tone for the group’s energetic and funky sound. “Pussy Hound” and “Down Home With Jay Soul” continue the vibe, while “The Un-fade-able” and “Breaking Off Busters” highlight the group’s gangsta rap roots.

The second half of the album, the “Hustlers Side,” kicks off with “Comin’ Lavish” and “Jockin’ For Snaps,” two tracks that showcase the group’s confident and swaggering style. “Don’t Take Me For A Joke” and “Comin’ Straight From Oakland” serve as a tribute to their hometown, celebrating the city’s vibrant hip hop scene. “Indonesia” and “Give’m That Funk” explore the group’s funk influences, while the album closes with “Facts On The Outro Trip,” providing a fitting conclusion to the project.

Lavish Style Hustlers Klan consists of members C-Dog, J-Moe, Jay Soul, and Rell. Together, they create a cohesive sound that draws from various musical styles, capturing the essence of Oakland’s diverse music scene during that era.

With “Ridin’ High,” Lavish Style Hustlers Klan delivers an album that showcases their distinct sound and pays homage to the rich musical heritage of Oakland. This project is a must-listen for fans of early 90s hip hop, funk, and gangsta rap.


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