Knuckleheadz – Best Of Both Worlds


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1 Warriors Intro 01:07
2 Warriors 05:06
Featuring – Madchild
3 Stop Running 03:15
Featuring – Milkman
4 Paper 04:14
Featuring – Bizzy Bone
5 My Team 04:55
Featuring – Wisdom, Whitney Peyton, WhiteOut
6 China Eyes 03:02
Featuring – Milkman
7 F**k You Pay Me (Skit) 00:39
8 Dope Game 04:00
Featuring – Esham
9 Going Gone 04:37
Featuring – OG Music
10 Kangaroo Money 02:45
Featuring – Gucci Mane
11 Matter Of Time 03:32
Featuring – Hopsin
12 Planet (Skit) 00:29
13 On Our Way 04:22
14 Walkin On Mars 02:46
15 The Impact 03:31
16 Skit 00:56
17 The Way She Moves 04:13
18 I’m Ballin’ 06:12
19 Feeling Ok 05:06
20 Purp In My Blunt 02:46
21 Twenty 4 Seven 10:44


“Best Of Both Worlds” is a dynamic album by the rap group Knuckleheadz hailing from Tempe, Arizona. Released in 2015 under Never Sober Ent, the album features an impressive lineup of guest artists such as Madchild, Milkman, Bizzy Bone, Wisdom, Whitney Peyton, WhiteOut, Esham, OG Music, Gucci Mane, and Hopsin. With 21 tracks, this collection showcases the group’s versatility and impressive collaborations.

The album kicks off with “Warriors Intro,” setting an energetic tone, followed by “Warriors” featuring Madchild, a powerful track that highlights the group’s resilience and determination. “Stop Running,” featuring Milkman, and “Paper,” featuring Bizzy Bone, maintain the momentum with catchy hooks and memorable lyrics.

“My Team” features a star-studded lineup including Wisdom, Whitney Peyton, and WhiteOut, showcasing the group’s ability to collaborate effectively with diverse artists. “China Eyes” and “F**k You Pay Me (Skit)” keep listeners engaged with their strong beats and raw energy.

“Dope Game,” featuring Esham, delves into the complexities of the drug world, while “Going Gone,” featuring OG Music, and “Kangaroo Money,” featuring Gucci Mane, bring a unique style to the album. “Matter Of Time,” featuring Hopsin, offers a thought-provoking perspective on the passage of time.

The album then takes a cosmic turn with “Planet (Skit),” “On Our Way,” and “Walkin On Mars,” exploring interstellar themes and imaginative scenarios. “The Impact,” “Skit,” and “The Way She Moves” showcase the group’s versatility and ability to deliver memorable tracks.

Closing out the album are “I’m Ballin’,” “Feeling Ok,” “Purp In My Blunt,” and “Twenty 4 Seven,” a nearly 11-minute epic that leaves a lasting impression on listeners.

“Best Of Both Worlds” demonstrates Knuckleheadz’s mastery of their craft, with a blend of hard-hitting tracks and engaging collaborations that are sure to captivate rap fans everywhere.



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