Knoc-Turn’al – Knoc’s Ville


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1 Knoc’s Ville 02:47
Featuring – One-2
2 Where Have You Been 03:18
3 Amen 03:23
4 Mind Yourself 03:22
5 Half Way Loved You 04:00
Featuring – Knawledg
6 Theme Music 03:51
7 Gangsta Lean 04:05
8 Sorry I Left You 03:47
9 Drop That Lame 03:08
Featuring – Jaguar
10 I’ve Been Here for Years 04:45
Featuring – Crooked I, James Elizabeth
11 Ooooooo-Weeeeee 03:43
12 Can We Do Our Thing 02:51
13 Let Go 03:42
Featuring – Jaguar
14 Sorry I Left You (Remix) 04:52
Featuring – Jayo Felony, Yukmouth, Sly Boogy
15 I’m Back 02:54
Featuring – One-2


“Knoc’s Ville” is the third studio album by Los Angeles-based rapper Knoc-Turn’al, released on July 4, 2011, through Treacherous Records, Hoopla Worldwide, and LRT Music Group. This 15-track album showcases Knoc-Turn’al’s signature style, blending elements of West Coast hip-hop and featuring collaborations with notable artists such as One-2, Knawledg, Jaguar, Crooked I, James Elizabeth, Jayo Felony, Yukmouth, and Sly Boogy.

The album kicks off with the title track, “Knoc’s Ville,” featuring One-2, setting the tone for the project’s energetic vibe. “Where Have You Been” and “Amen” follow, demonstrating the rapper’s lyrical prowess and ability to engage listeners with compelling stories. “Mind Yourself” and “Half Way Loved You” featuring Knawledg showcase Knoc-Turn’al’s introspective side, while “Theme Music” serves as a powerful anthem for the album.

“Gangsta Lean,” produced by DJ AK, brings a classic West Coast sound to the mix, followed by the heartfelt “Sorry I Left You” and the upbeat “Drop That Lame” featuring Jaguar. “I’ve Been Here For Years” sees Knoc-Turn’al collaborating with Crooked I and James Elizabeth, while “Ooooooo Weeeeee” and “Can We Do Our Thing” deliver catchy hooks and memorable beats.

“Let Go” offers a more reflective track before the album concludes with the “Sorry I Left You (Remix)” featuring Jayo Felony, Sly Boogie, and Yukmouth, and “I’m Back” featuring One-2, reaffirming Knoc-Turn’al’s strong presence in the hip-hop scene.

With “Knoc’s Ville,” Knoc-Turn’al delivers a diverse and engaging album that highlights his skills as a rapper and songwriter while offering fans a fresh take on West Coast hip-hop.



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