Killa Tay – Thug Thisle


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1 D. Dope, Rodney O Watts (Intro) 02:22
2 Killa Tay, Brotha Lynch, Marvaless, Looney Coleone So Serious 04:06
3 Maylay, Destruckto 1# Hottest Coast (Killa Kali) 03:25
4 Killa Tay, Guce, Huccabucc Mob Music 04:29
5 Looney Coleone, Killa Tay, Agerman Top Dollar 05:19
6 Killa Tay, C-Bo The Whoo Ride 04:53
7 Looney Coleone, Marvaless, Killa Tay Murder Kill 05:16
8 Spice 1, Killa Tay, Marvaless, J-Dubb, Huccabucc Turf Kings 04:25
9 Destruckto, Ed Bone, Fish Ride Tonight 04:27
10 Bad Azz, Killa Tay, Spice 1 Thug Babies 05:10
11 King T, Rodney O, Killa Tay, E Thug Thizzle 05:08
12 Bad Azz, Killa Tay, MoJay That’s It 05:12
13 Outlawz, Killa Tay, Looney Coleone Hate The Game 05:14
14 Killa Tay, Looney Coleone, Tac (5150), K.J. (K.O.) On The Trigga 05:35
15 Agerman, Looney Coleone, Killa Tay Rap Star 05:02
16 Twin Inc Blast First 03:19
17 Killa Tay Outro 00:36


“Thug Thisle” is a compilation album by Fresno, California rapper Killa Tay, released on November 28, 2001, by Greedy Green Entertainment. This project features a wide range of collaborations and tracks that showcase Killa Tay’s talent and his connections within the hip-hop community. The album delves deep into gangsta rap, demonstrating Killa Tay’s dedication to the genre.

The compilation starts with “Watts (Intro),” featuring D. Dope* and Rodney O, followed by “So Serious” with Brotha Lynch and produced by J-Dubb. The third track, “1# Hottest Coast (Killa Kali),” features Destruckto and Maylay, with production by Rodney O. “Mob Music” sees Guce and Huccabucc joining in, while “Top Dollar” features Agerman.

“The Whoo Ride,” produced by Ric-Roc*, features C-Bo, followed by the solo track “Murder Kill.” “Turf Kings” sees Huccabucc, J-Dubb, and Spice 1 collaborating, with J-Dubb also producing the track. “Ride Tonight” features Destruckto, Ed Bone, and Fish, with Rodney O handling production.

“Thug Babies” showcases Bad Azz and Spice 1, while “Thug Thizzle” features E, King T, and Rodney O, with One Eye on production. “That’s It” features Bad Azz and MoJay, and “Hate The Game” sees Outlawz* joining the mix, with production by Reef.

“On The Trigga” features KJ and Tac, followed by “Rap Star” with Agerman. “Blast First” showcases Twin Inc, with Bogus as the producer. The album concludes with “Outro.”

Artwork for the compilation is provided by Cesar Puentes Designs. Looney Coleone* and Marvaless feature on multiple tracks (2, 5, 7, 13 to 15), and Killa Tay takes on production duties for many of the songs.



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