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1 Sweating These Tears 04:30
2 Life Is Like A Dice Game 04:52
3 I Rather Die 03:48
4 My Past And My Present 01:07
5 The Outro 00:12
6 The Interview 01:02
7 Here We Go One Time 03:43
8 KK’s Message 00:16
9 Watts Up (Part 2) 04:16
10 Welcome To My Hood 07:39


“Kill Kill” is the second EP by Los Angeles, California rapper Kill Kill, released in 1995 under Laser Records. This 10-track EP showcases a distinct Gangsta and G-Funk style, with tracks divided into two sides: The Livin’ Side and The Killin’ Side.

The Livin’ Side features five tracks that delve into the experiences and emotions of Kill Kill’s life. Songs like “Sweating These Tears,” “Life Is Like A Dice Game,” and “I Rather Die” portray a raw and authentic perspective on the challenges faced in urban life. “My Past and My Present” offers insight into Kill Kill’s personal journey, while “The Outro” wraps up this side of the EP.

The Killin’ Side takes a darker turn, beginning with “The Interview” and leading into aggressive tracks like “Here We Go One Time” and “KK’s Message.” “Watts Up (Part 2)” and “Welcome To My Hood” round out the EP, showcasing Kill Kill’s gritty storytelling and unapologetic lyrics.

“Kill Kill” features guest appearances by Ice Melo Jay, N.S.S., and The Dulos, with lyrics by Kill Kill himself. The EP is produced by Kenny “Scully” McCloud and Kill Kill, with recording and mixing done by Kenny McCloud at Blackhole Studio.

This EP is a testament to Kill Kill’s ability to convey his experiences and emotions through powerful lyrics and captivating beats, making it a standout release in the Gangsta and G-Funk genre.



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