Keak Da Sneak – The Farm Boyz


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1 Duna, Young Biff Interlude 00:32
2 The Farm Boyz, Keak Da Sneak Go Head Baby 03:21
Featuring – Messy Marv
3 The Farm Boyz, Keak Da Sneak Getta Way 04:21
4 The Farm Boyz, Keak Da Sneak Rap 4 Runnin’ Game 04:10
Featuring – Big Scoot, Bra-Hef, Dola Ike
5 The Farm Boyz, Keak Da Sneak U Not A Hoe 03:34
Featuring – Bra-Hef, Dola Ike
6 The Farm Boyz, Keak Da Sneak High Tech Fashion 05:35
Featuring – AP, Big Slep, Bra-Hef, Dola Ike, Y Scream
7 The Farm Boyz, Keak Da Sneak On Mine 04:03
Featuring – Bra-Hef, Dola Ike
8 The Farm Boyz, Keak Da Sneak Shitin’ On Em 06:21
Featuring – Bra-Hef, Dola Ike, HP, Russel Doc, Silky D, Yella
9 The Farm Boyz, Keak Da Sneak U Know U Wit’ It 03:06
Featuring – Bra-Hef, Dola Ike
10 The Farm Boyz, Keak Da Sneak Million Dollar Hights 03:33
Featuring – Bra-Hef, Dola Ike
11 The Farm Boyz, Keak Da Sneak Yadamean 03:39
Featuring – Bra-Hef, Dola Ike
12 The Farm Boyz, Keak Da Sneak Call Da Police 04:19
Featuring – Bra-Hef, Dola Ike


“The Farm Boyz” is the third studio album by the Oakland, California rapper Keak Da Sneak, released on October 22, 2002, under the label Out Of Bounds. This 12-track album showcases Keak’s distinctive gangsta and hyphy style, staying true to his roots in the Oakland hip-hop scene.

The album features collaborations with artists such as Messy Marv, Big Scoot, AP, Big Slep, Y Scream, HP, Russel Doc, Silky D, and Yella. These collaborations add depth and variety to the project, displaying the diverse talent in the hip-hop community. Notable tracks include “Go Head Baby,” featuring Messy Marv, and “Shitin’ On Em,” which features an ensemble of artists and exemplifies Keak’s skillful storytelling and wordplay.

“The Farm Boyz” album sees production contributions from Big Hollis, Gold Fingaz, Mark Knoxx, and Keak Da Sneak himself. The album’s cohesive sound reflects the gritty and authentic atmosphere of Oakland, making it a must-listen for fans of true hip-hop.

Throughout the album, Keak Da Sneak’s signature gravelly voice and powerful lyrics captivate listeners, as he shares stories of life in Oakland and his personal experiences. With tracks like “Getta Way,” “High Tech Fashion,” and “Yadamean,” Keak demonstrates his ability to create memorable hooks and engaging melodies that resonate with fans.



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