Keak Da Sneak – The Appearances Of


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1 Mobb Shit 05:10
Featuring – Cydal, Luniz, Swoop G
2 In Tha Doe 04:19
Featuring – Harm
3 Rap Game 04:08
Featuring – B.A.
4 Ride For This 03:00
5 Broke Off 04:56
Featuring – 3X Krazy, Organized Crime, The Delinquents
6 Ring It 04:44
Featuring – E-40, Harm, Spice 1
7 Mac Dammit And Friends 03:32
Featuring – Mac Dre, PSD
8 No Remorse 04:07
Featuring – T-Luni
9 No Win Situation 04:03
Featuring – Ant Banks, Casual, G-Stack, King T
10 I’d Rather Smoke With U 04:08
11 Comin For Me 04:37
Featuring – AP9, Willie Hen
12 Raw Meat 02:55
Featuring – Brotha Lynch Hung
13 Welcome To Oakland 04:16
14 Aint Shit Changed 04:24
Featuring – Laroo
15 Broke 04:14
16 Shockn Niggaz 03:42
Featuring – Killa Tay
17 Life Aint Bullshit 03:34


“The Appearances Of” is a compilation album by the renowned rapper Keak Da Sneak, hailing from Oakland, California. Released on October 23, 2001, by Moe Doe Entertainment, the album features a collection of Keak Da Sneak’s collaborations with various artists from the hip-hop scene. Showcasing his signature hyphy and thug rap styles, this compilation brings together tracks that highlight the rapper’s versatility and unique voice.

Some of the notable artists featured in the compilation include E-40, Spice 1, Luniz, Mac Dre, and Brotha Lynch Hung. The album consists of 17 tracks, with standouts such as “Mobb Shit,” “In Tha Doe,” “Rap Game,” “Ride For This,” “Ring It,” “Mac Dammit And Friends,” “No Win Situation,” and “Welcome To Oakland.” “The Appearances Of” is a must-have for fans of Keak Da Sneak, as it offers a comprehensive look at his work with fellow artists and contributions to the hip-hop scene.

Throughout his career, Keak Da Sneak has collaborated with an impressive array of recording artists, including Daz Dillinger, Akon, MC Hammer, Prodigy, Alchemist, Blac Chyna, G-Eazy, DJ Vlad, Kafani, and Lil Wayne. With numerous albums and mixtapes under his belt, Keak Da Sneak has remained an influential figure in the hip-hop community and continues to push boundaries with his distinctive style.



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