K-Flex – Wash Yo Ass


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1 Stank Ass Intro 03:13
2 Wash Yo Ass 04:34
3 Get Yo Cash On 04:47
4 What Up Cuz? 05:24
5 L.O.S Angeles 04:40
6 Deja Who? 04:10
7 When My Pistol Goes (Pat, Pat) 04:34
8 The Original Flex 04:01
9 Stank Ass Outro 04:22


“Wash Yo Ass” is an incredibly rare album by Los Angeles-based rapper K-Flex, released in 1999 under the Ghetto Dynasty label. The album features nine tracks that showcase K-Flex’s lyrical prowess and unique production style, blending elements of West Coast hip-hop and street-inspired storytelling.

Opening with the “Stank ass Intro,” K-Flex sets the tone for the album with his bold and unapologetic approach to rap. The title track “Wash Yo Ass” follows, bringing a unique and attention-grabbing subject matter to the forefront. “Get Yo Cash On” encourages listeners to focus on their hustle and make their money, while “What Up Cuz?” delves into the complexities of street life and relationships.

“L.O.S Angeles” serves as a tribute to K-Flex’s hometown, painting a vivid picture of the city and its inhabitants. “Deja Who?” showcases the rapper’s wordplay and ability to engage listeners with intricate storytelling. “When My Pistol Goes (Pat, Pat)” explores the darker side of street life and the consequences of violence, while “The Original Flex” highlights K-Flex’s confidence in his skills as a rapper and producer.

The album closes with the “Stank Ass Outro,” wrapping up the unique and captivating journey that “Wash Yo Ass” has taken listeners on. As both a producer and rapper, K-Flex demonstrates his versatility and talent, making “Wash Yo Ass” a sought-after gem for hip-hop collectors and enthusiasts.

Real name Tariq Nasheed, K-Flex is a multi-talented artist, known for his work as an author, actor, and game counselor. His New York Times bestseller “The Art Of Mackin” and documentary film production have further established his presence in the entertainment industry.



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