K.B. – “Where Tha Gangstas Go”


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1 Where Tha Gangstas Go 04:50
2 Stand Together 04:24
3 Gangstamental 03:52
4 Stay Off My Vine 01:19
5 The K.D. Style 03:41
6 Stay Off My Vine (Inst.) 03:51


“Where Tha Gangstas Go” is the only studio album by rapper K.B., whose real name is Kieron D. Buford, from Mobile, Alabama. Released in 1994 by Lovebroom Records, this EP showcases the Gangsta hip-hop style of the mid-’90s.

The album features 6 tracks, starting with the eponymous “Where Tha Gangstas Go” and continuing with “Stand Together,” “Gangstamental,” “Stay Off My Vine,” “The K.D. Style,” and an instrumental version of “Stay Off My Vine.” The EP offers listeners a glimpse into K.B.’s unique style and lyrical abilities while highlighting the gritty nature of Gangsta hip-hop.

Lovebroom Records holds the copyright for the album, which was recorded and mixed at Blackhole Studio. The album was mastered at Bernie Grundman Mastering, and the glass mastering took place at Nimbus. K.B. co-produced the EP, with Tony C. serving as the main producer.

The album’s co-executive producers include Kent Jackson, Kieron Buford, Ronald “Bam Bam” Darrington, and V. Chatman. Big Brain Gardener handled the mixing, and Kieron (K.B.) Buford wrote and performed all the tracks on the EP.

“Where Tha Gangstas Go” stands as a testament to K.B.’s talent as a rapper and his contribution to the Gangsta hip-hop genre during the ’90s. Fans of this style will appreciate the raw energy and powerful storytelling present in this EP from the Mobile, Alabama rapper.



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