Juvenile Committee – Free Us Colored Kids


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1 Juvenile Hall 03:44
2 Juvenile Thang 03:30
Featuring – DJ Quik, Playa Hamm
3 Free Us Colored Kids 04:44
Featuring – Pee-Wee
4 Make ‘Em Stand 04:34
5 Justice For The Hood 04:26
Featuring – O.peration F.rom T.he B.ottom
6 Livin’ In The Ghetto 03:26
7 School Dayz 04:26
8 Juvenile Gangster 05:09
9 Juvenile Rules 03:54
10 I Want That Girl 04:29
11 Do What You Want 05:07
12 U Gotta Funk 04:07


“Free Us Colored Kids” is the one and only studio album by the rap group Juvenile Committee hailing from Los Angeles, California. Released on October 12, 1993, under Grand Jury Entertainment, the album showcases the group’s talent in the Gangsta hip hop genre. The album features notable guest appearances from artists such as DJ Quik, Playa Hamm, Pee-Wee, and O.peration F.rom T.he B.ottom. The group, managed by Michael Concepcion, consists of members Smurfy B, Speedy, Jay-Bo, and Rick-Rock.

The album comprises 12 tracks, with highlights including “Juvenile Thang,” which features DJ Quik and Playa Hamm, and “Free Us Colored Kids,” which samples tracks from Kool & The Gang, Sly & The Family Stone, and Kay Gees. The album showcases various producers and engineers, giving it a diverse sound that captures the essence of early ’90s West Coast hip hop.

Despite being the group’s only studio album, “Free Us Colored Kids” remains a testament to Juvenile Committee’s talent and the era’s unique sound. With raw lyrics, heavy beats, and guest appearances, the album is a must-listen for fans of ’90s hip hop.



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