Joker Baby – Life Of A Wattstar


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1 Watts Up Baby 04:06
2 F U Joker 04:40
Featuring – Ms. Toi
3 Boom 04:23
4 After This Party 03:39
5 Jackmove 01:53
6 I Gots 2 Go 04:17
Featuring – Big E
7 Young N Heated 05:32
8 See Ya Lookin 04:20
9 At Ezzz 04:31
Featuring – RBX
10 Seen It All 04:34
Featuring – Kam
11 Murder Show 06:25
12 W.E.S Coastn 04:31
Featuring – Kado
13 H.I.T 03:50
14 Summer N Watts 04:25
Featuring – G-Nutt, Skanless


“Life Of A Wattstar” is the one and only studio album by Los Angeles-based rapper Joker Baby. Released in 2003 under War Baby Entertainment, the album highlights the Gangsta and G-Funk styles of hip hop prevalent during the early 2000s. Throughout the 14-track album, Joker Baby collaborates with various artists such as Ms. Toi, Big E, RBX, Kam, Kado, G-Nutt, and Skanless, giving the album a diverse sound and showcasing the talents of these featured musicians.

Standout tracks include “F U Joker” featuring Ms. Toi, “I Gots 2 Go” with Big E, “At Ezzz” featuring RBX, “Seen It All” with Kam, and “Summer N Watts” featuring Skanless and G-Nutt. The album’s production maintains a strong West Coast vibe, featuring catchy beats and engaging hooks that complement Joker Baby’s unique rap style.

With its focus on the Gangsta and G-Funk subgenres, “Life Of A Wattstar” captures the essence of early 2000s West Coast hip hop. From gritty street tales to smooth, laid-back tracks, the album offers something for every hip-hop fan. Although Joker Baby released only one studio album, “Life Of A Wattstar” stands as a testament to his talent and the distinctive sound of the era.



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