Jay D. – Ridin And Sidin


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1 In Tha Trafic (Intro) 00:25
2 Purvin 04:16
3 Why Did My Homie Have Ta Die? 04:30
4 Issues 04:30
5 Put It Down (Skit) 00:17
6 U Got Me F*cked Up 04:06
7 Can’t Strain My Brain 03:30
8 Let Da Ridaz Ride 04:09
9 Traffic Jam (Skit) 00:33
10 Wutz Crack’n 03:33
11 Ol’ Ass Rapper 03:59
12 MacArthur Boulevard (Skit) 00:26
13 Good Times 03:59
14 Sideways (Outro) 01:45


Ridin And Sidin is a 2003 studio album by Oakland, California rapper Jay D, released under Stone Wall Recordz. This gangsta and G-funk influenced hip-hop album showcases Jay D’s lyrical prowess and distinctive West Coast sound, with a mix of head-nodding beats, catchy hooks, and memorable storytelling.

The 14-track album begins with “In Tha Traffic (intro),” a short piece that sets the stage for the listener. “Purvin” follows with a catchy beat and lyrics that provide a glimpse into Jay D’s life in Oakland. The heartfelt track “Why Did My Homie Have Ta Die?” deals with the pain of losing a friend, demonstrating Jay D’s ability to tackle deeper emotional themes in his music.

“Issues” and “U Got Me F*cked Up” showcase Jay D’s assertive attitude and smooth flow, while “Can’t Strain My Brain” takes on a more introspective tone. “Let Da Ridaz Ride” and “Wutz Crack’n” bring the energy back up with their infectious beats and memorable hooks.

The album also features several skits, such as “Put It Down (skit),” “Traffic Jam (skit),” and “Macarthur Boulevard (skit),” providing moments of levity and humor. “Ol ‘ass Rapper” serves as a commentary on the hip-hop industry, and “Good Times” reflects on the positive moments in life. The album closes with “Sideways (outro),” a fitting end to the Ridin And Sidin journey.

Ridin And Sidin is a strong representation of West Coast hip-hop in the early 2000s, blending gangsta rap and G-funk influences to create a unique sound. Jay D’s impressive lyrical skills and storytelling ability shine throughout the album, making it an essential listen for fans of the genre.



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