Jamiz – Get Loot


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1 Get Loot (Album Version) 03:28
2 Get Loot (Instrumental – Westcoast Version) 03:25
3 Get Loot (Acappella) 04:09
4 Get Loot (Eastcoast Remix Version) 03:29
5 Get Loot (Westcoast Remix Version) 03:29
6 Get Loot (Instrumental – Eastcoast Version) 03:24


“Get Loot” is an extremely rare maxi-single by Los Angeles-based rapper Jamiz, released in 1994 under Grand Jury Entertainment. This highly sought-after release showcases Jamiz’s unique style and lyrical skills, catering to fans of West Coast gangsta rap.

The maxi-single features six different versions of the track “Get Loot,” including the original album version, instrumental West Coast and East Coast versions, an acappella rendition, and West Coast and East Coast remix versions. Jamiz collaborated with producers Brandon Hill and Jamahl Harris, who also provided remixes for the single, delivering an array of distinct takes on the song for fans to enjoy.

“Get Loot” captures the essence of the 1990s West Coast hip-hop scene with its heavy basslines, catchy hooks, and gritty lyrics. Jamiz’s smooth flow and clever wordplay shine throughout each version of the track, solidifying his status as an underground talent in the hip-hop community.

Despite its limited release and scarcity, “Get Loot” remains a sought-after gem among collectors and enthusiasts, showcasing the early work of a talented rapper who contributed to the rich tapestry of 1990s hip-hop.



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