Jakwe – In Yo’ Ride


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1 Funky Tendacies (Keep It Funky) (Radio Edit) 03:16
2 Bass Tone Junkie 04:26
3 Interlude / Jakwe Style 00:44
4 I Like It 03:11
5 Let’s Do It (Radio Edit) 04:02
6 Gotta Get Mine 04:04
7 I Like It (Radio Edit) 03:12


“In Yo’ Ride” is an extremely rare EP by Culver City-based rapper Jakwe, released in 1998 under Ibo Trybe Entertainment. This hidden gem showcases Jakwe’s talent and versatility as an artist, blending various styles and influences from the late 90s hip-hop scene.

The EP features seven tracks, including the radio edits of “Funky Tendacies (Keep It Funky)” and “Let’s Do It,” along with an interlude titled “Jakwe Style.” The other tracks, “Bass Tone Junkie,” “I Like It,” “Gotta Get Mine,” and the radio edit of “I Like It,” demonstrate Jakwe’s diverse range and ability to create catchy hooks and infectious beats.

“In Yo’ Ride” captures the essence of late 90s West Coast hip-hop with its smooth production, funk-infused rhythms, and Jakwe’s laid-back flow. Each track showcases Jakwe’s knack for storytelling and his ability to craft memorable melodies, making it a must-listen for fans of the genre.

Despite its limited release and rarity, “In Yo’ Ride” remains a sought-after piece of underground hip-hop history, highlighting the talent of an artist who contributed to the rich landscape of late 90s hip-hop. Collectors and enthusiasts alike continue to search for this elusive EP, which showcases the early work of a skilled rapper with a promising future.



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