J Steez – The Beat Tape (Instrumentals)


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1 South Central (Instrumental) 03:38
2 Long Beach (Instrumental) 02:17
3 Hawthorne (Instrumental) 04:03
4 South Gate (Instrumental) 03:59
5 Watts (Instrumental) 04:10
6 Huntington Park (Instrumental) 03:01
7 Anaheim (Instrumental) 03:59
8 Norwalk (Instrumental) 03:06
9 Compton (Instrumental) 03:20
10 Pomona (Instrumental) 02:16
11 Inglewood (Instrumental) 04:35
12 Crenshaw (Instrumental) 03:57
13 West Covina (Instrumental) 03:41
14 Riverside (Instrumental) 03:24
15 Rialto (Instrumental) 01:16
16 Carson (Instrumental) 04:31
17 Catscan (Instrumental) 02:06
18 Pet Cemetery (Instrumental) 02:24


“The Beat Tape (Instrumentals)” is an intriguing project by California-based producer J Steez, released on February 13, 2016, under the Beat Hustle label. This mixtape showcases J Steez’s exceptional talent for creating diverse, evocative beats inspired by various locations across Southern California.

Featuring 18 tracks, each instrumental is named after a different city or neighborhood in the region, reflecting the unique sounds and vibes of these areas. From the laid-back grooves of “South Central” and “Long Beach” to the gritty, hard-hitting beats of “Compton” and “Watts,” J Steez demonstrates his versatility and creativity in capturing the essence of these distinct locales.

Tracks like “Hawthorne,” “South Gate,” “Huntington Park,” and “Anaheim” showcase the producer’s ability to blend elements of hip-hop, funk, and soul, resulting in a collection of instrumentals that are both captivating and nostalgic. The mixtape also includes more experimental tracks, such as “Catscan” and “Pet Cemetery,” which push the boundaries of traditional beat-making.

“The Beat Tape (Instrumentals)” serves as a testament to J Steez’s prowess as a producer, offering a sonic tour of Southern California’s diverse urban landscape. It’s an essential listen for fans of instrumental hip-hop, beat enthusiasts, and aspiring producers looking for inspiration.



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