J. Stalin – The Features


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Disc 1

1 Intro 01:10
2 2Take 03:22
3 Money In Ya Jeans 02:50
4 Test My G 03:52
Featuring – Hell Rell, Lord Geez
5 Pray For Me 03:40
Featuring – Tha Truth, Trae
6 Torta 03:22
Featuring – Lil Retro, The Worlds Freshest
7 Stop My Shine 04:02
Featuring – 211, Glasses Malone
8 All My Enemies 02:41
9 Money & Bitches 03:39
10 U Already Know 04:03
Featuring – Philthy Rich, Young Bari
11 Lovers & Friends 04:14
Featuring – L’Jay
12 How I Rock 03:43
Featuring – Lil Joe, Matt Blaque
13 Cigarillo 06:48
Featuring – San Quinn, Show Banga, T-Nutty
14 Cant Nobody 04:34
Featuring – Messy Marv, Philthy Rich
15 Lately 02:09
Featuring – The Jacka

Disc 2

1 Used To It 02:58
2 All Around The World 03:46
Featuring – The Jacka
3 OMG 02:34
Featuring – The Jacka
4 That Quick 03:16
Featuring – A1
5 Roll Wid It 03:40
Featuring – Armani Depaul, Shady Nate
6 I Stay Strapped 04:18
7 Cannabis Club 04:33
Featuring – Berner, Lil’ Blood
8 Last Night 03:19
Featuring – Pinky XXX
9 Glitter Aint Gold 03:10
Featuring – Shady Nate
10 Curb Serving 03:28
Featuring – 4 Rax, AMP
11 All The Time 03:29
Featuring – Lil Retro
12 Look Into My Eyes 04:07
Featuring – Shady Nate, Stevie Joe
13 No Homies 04:16
Featuring – Jadakiss, Taj Mahal, Young Doe
14 The Banger 03:35
Featuring – June, Lil’ Blood
15 Outro 01:05


“The Features” is a double compilation album by the talented rapper J. Stalin hailing from Oakland, California. Released on June 23, 2015, by Siccness.net, this compilation album is a testament to J. Stalin’s extensive body of work and his collaborations with fellow artists in the hip-hop scene. With a style that blends gangsta rap and thug rap, J. Stalin’s music delivers powerful lyrics and hard-hitting beats.

Across 30 tracks, “The Features” highlights J. Stalin’s versatility as an artist, as he partners with other talented rappers such as Hell Rell, Lord Geez, Trae Tha Truth, Lil Retro, The Worlds Freshest, Glasses Malone, Philthy Rich, Young Bari, L’Jay, and many more. This compilation includes introspective tracks like “Pray For Me” and “All My Enemies,” as well as more upbeat and catchy tunes such as “Money In Ya Jeans” and “Torta.”

Throughout the album, J. Stalin showcases his unique style and ability to collaborate with a diverse range of artists, creating a rich and cohesive compilation that speaks to his undeniable talent. As a rapper who rose from poverty to become a successful artist, J. Stalin’s music conveys his experiences and perspectives, making “The Features” a must-listen for fans of authentic hip-hop.

Some standout tracks on this compilation include “Test My G,” “Stop My Shine,” “Lovers And Friends,” “Cigarillo,” “Used To It,” “OMG,” “Roll Wid It,” “Cannabis Club,” and “No Homies.” Overall, “The Features” is a fantastic showcase of J. Stalin’s ability to create memorable music with his fellow artists, making it an essential addition to any hip-hop enthusiast’s collection.



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