J. Flexx – Billboard Dreams


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1 Intro 00:18
2 Get Mine And Go 02:29
3 Sexy U Are 03:19
4 Do My Thang 04:08
5 Billboard Dreams 04:28
6 Into The Wind 02:56
7 Man With A Plan 04:22
8 Trues And Vogues 02:45
9 Cards On The Table 04:19
10 Somebody Out There 02:41


“Billboard Dreams” is a powerful studio album by Los Angeles-based rapper and producer J. Flexx, released on February 13, 2007, under Long Live Crime Records. Best known for his ghostwriting and producing work for Dr. Dre during his time at Death Row Records, J. Flexx showcases his lyrical prowess and production skills throughout this 10-track album.

Opening with the “Intro,” J. Flexx quickly sets the tone for the project, followed by hard-hitting tracks such as “Get Mine And Go” and “Do My Thang.” The album’s title track, “Billboard Dreams,” reflects the rapper’s aspirations for chart-topping success. J. Flexx’s versatility as an artist is evident as the album shifts gears with songs like “Sexy U Are” and “Into The Wind.”

Other standout tracks include “Man With A Plan,” “Trues And Vogues,” and “Cards On The Table.” J. Flexx’s production skills are highlighted in tracks like “Somebody Out There,” while Sean “Barney” Thomas lends his production expertise to “Do My Thang,” “Billboard Dreams,” and “Cards On The Table.”

With “Billboard Dreams,” J. Flexx proves that he is more than just a ghostwriter, showcasing his ability to create a cohesive and engaging project that resonates with hip-hop fans. This album is a testament to J. Flexx’s undeniable talent and passion for creating high-quality music.



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