J-Dogg – Oh So Real


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1 Young Playa 03:29
2 Oh So Real 03:35
3 Me And Mine 03:03
4 Love Ya Brotha 04:19
5 Jail Term 02:39
6 Keep On Dogg’n 03:35
7 It Ain’t Worth It 04:07
Featuring – EZSD
8 I’m Swazzy 02:30


“Oh So Real” is the only studio album by Fairfield, California-based rapper J-Dogg. Released in 1995 by Rampage Records, the album showcases J-Dogg’s skills as a rapper with a distinctive Gangsta and G-Funk style. The album is a product of the collaboration between producers Mike Mosley and Sam Bostic, who also served as engineers and mixers for the project.

The 8-track album starts with “Young Playa” and continues with the title track, “Oh So Real.” As the album progresses, listeners are treated to songs like “Me And Mine,” “Love Ya Brotha,” and “Jail Term,” which display J-Dogg’s ability to create captivating narratives and catchy hooks.

“Keep On Dogg’n” maintains the momentum of the album, leading to “It Ain’t Worth It,” which features a collaboration with fellow rapper EZSD. The album concludes with “I’m Swazzy,” leaving a lasting impression on listeners and showcasing J-Dogg’s unique style and talent.

The album benefits from the contributions of Flat Top and Sam Bostic on guitar and bass, as well as the creative artwork by Phunky Phat Graph-X. The executive producer for “Oh So Real” is Steven Carter, while distribution was handled by SMG Solar Music Group, and pressing was carried out by Rainbo Records.

Although it is J-Dogg’s only studio album, “Oh So Real” serves as a testament to his talents as a rapper and his ability to create an engaging and cohesive body of work.



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