Infamous Tk – Yene Buka


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1 Do Sontin 04:12
2 Chappia 04:53
3 Move From Here 03:17
4 Carboy 05:01
5 Crazy Pekin 03:45
6 Trappin’ Trappin’ 03:26
7 DNA 03:54
8 Chill 03:40
Featuring – One Nation
9 This Way 03:42
10 Sebede Babede 04:09
11 I Ain’t Fok Her Yet 04:16
12 Cassava Leaf 03:02
13 Money On My Mind 03:45
Featuring – One Nation
14 20 Briks 03:41
Featuring – O$T
15 Mary-Jane 04:29
16 Rebels 04:01
17 Mind Yor Bizniz 02:18
18 Talkin’ ‘Bout Me 03:45
Featuring – O$T, Rickyfresh


“Yene Buka” is a compelling project by rapper Infamous Tk, originating from Phoenix, Arizona. Released on April 30, 2017, under the Tru Knowledge Ent label, the album features collaborations with One Nation, O$T, and Rickyfresh, adding depth and variety to the tracks.

The album kicks off with “Do Sontin,” setting the tone with its infectious beats and showcasing Infamous Tk’s lyrical prowess. “Chappia” follows suit, providing listeners with an energetic and engaging listening experience.

“Move From Here” and “Carboy” demonstrate the rapper’s versatility, presenting a blend of introspective lyrics and storytelling. “Crazy Pekin” shifts gears, offering a lighter, more playful track that showcases Infamous Tk’s ability to experiment with different styles.

“Trappin’ Trappin'” and “DNA” dive deeper into street life themes, exemplifying the artist’s authenticity and raw talent. “Chill,” featuring One Nation, brings a laid-back vibe to the album, allowing listeners to appreciate the seamless collaboration between the artists.

“This Way” and “Sebede Babede” continue the album’s momentum, highlighting Infamous Tk’s unique sound and captivating delivery. “I Ain’t Fok Her Yet” and “Cassava Leaf” provide listeners with a glimpse into the rapper’s personal life and experiences.

“Money On My Mind,” featuring One Nation, and “20 Briks,” featuring O$T, focus on the hustle and determination needed to succeed in life. “Mary-Jane” offers a more introspective and reflective track, while “Rebels” showcases the rapper’s rebellious spirit.

“Mind Yor Bizniz” serves as a reminder to stay focused on personal goals, and the album concludes with “Talkin’ ‘Bout Me,” featuring O$T and Rickyfresh, which leaves listeners eager for more of Infamous Tk’s unique sound and exceptional storytelling abilities.



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