II S.M.F. – Death Of A Klansman

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1 Door Steps Of Death 04:27
2 10 Minutes To The Saveges Come 04:16
3 I Ain’t No Good 04:49
4 Ten Blows To Yo Foe 03:46
5 Sudden Impact 05:02
6 Death Of A Klansman 04:20


“Death Of A Klansman” is an incredibly rare release by the rap group II S.M.F., hailing from Los Angeles, California. Released in 1992 by Bench Area Records, this mini-album was available exclusively on cassette tape, making it a highly sought-after collector’s item for fans of the genre. The EP features a gangsta rap style, reflecting the gritty reality of life in South Central L.A.

The 6-track mini-album showcases II S.M.F.’s raw lyrical talent and powerful storytelling, diving into various themes surrounding social injustice, racial tensions, and life in the streets. Opening with “Door Steps Of Death,” the album sets a strong tone, immersing listeners in the group’s intense world. “10 Minutes To The Saveges Come” and “I Ain’t No Good” further explore the struggles and hardships faced by those living in marginalized communities.

Side B of the cassette kicks off with “Ten Blows To Yo Foe,” a hard-hitting track that captures the group’s unapologetic attitude and determination to overcome adversity. “Sudden Impact” continues the gritty narrative, delving into the harsh realities of gang life. The EP’s closing track, “Death Of A Klansman,” serves as a fitting finale, boldly addressing racial tensions and systemic injustice.

Although “Death Of A Klansman” remains an extremely rare find, it stands as a testament to II S.M.F.’s talent, authenticity, and dedication to speaking out against injustice through their music. Fans of gangsta rap will appreciate the group’s raw emotion, powerful storytelling, and unapologetic approach to addressing societal issues.

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