Idaho Jdoe – Tales Of The Snort 2


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1 Lesson To Be Learned 02:24
2 Hit The Lights 03:26
Featuring – P Zo
3 Cooking Good Dope 02:57
Featuring – Young Klep
4 Comin’ Wit Me 02:38
5 Go Get It 03:10
Featuring – Bruce Banna
6 Close 02:03
7 Westcoast Livin’ 01:59
Featuring – DJ Fresh
8 Pay Attention 03:04
Featuring – DJ Fresh
9 Ammuntion 03:32
10 Pimpin’ Hollywood Division 01:38
Featuring – Kmx
11 One Of Them Ones 03:40


“Tales Of The Snort 2” is an engaging project by Oakland, California-based rapper Idaho Jdoe. Released on April 8, 2016, under Snort Dog Records, this mixtape showcases Idaho Jdoe’s distinctive voice and talent in the hip-hop genre, demonstrating his growth as an artist.

This 11-track mixtape takes listeners on a journey through Idaho Jdoe’s experiences, blending hard-hitting beats with memorable lyrics. “Tales Of The Snort 2” features collaborations with talented artists such as P Zo, Young Klep, Bruce Banna, DJ Fresh, and Kmx, which bring a dynamic energy to the project.

Key tracks on the mixtape include “Lesson To Be Learned,” “Hit The Lights,” “Cooking Good Dope,” “Go Get It,” “Westcoast Livin’,” and “Pay Attention.” These songs showcase Idaho Jdoe’s ability to create captivating hooks and deliver powerful verses that resonate with hip-hop fans.

Throughout “Tales Of The Snort 2,” Idaho Jdoe explores various themes, from the challenges of life in the streets to the pursuit of success and recognition in the music industry. His authentic voice and unique perspective on life make this mixtape an essential listen for those who appreciate genuine, raw hip-hop.

Idaho Jdoe’s style and talent for collaborating with a diverse range of artists make “Tales Of The Snort 2” a cohesive and enjoyable listening experience. The mixtape’s captivating tracks and compelling lyrics solidify Idaho Jdoe’s status as an emerging talent in the hip-hop scene and an artist to watch in the future.



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