Ice-T – The Early Years


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1 Ya Don’t Quit 04:27
2 Body Rock 05:40
3 Dog ‘n’ The Wax 05:11
4 6 In The Morning 03:45
5 The Coldest Rap 06:40
6 Icecapella 04:19
7 6 In The Morning (Clean Version) 03:44
8 Ice T’s Mini Ice Mix 12:32


“The Early Years” is a compilation album featuring the pioneering work of rapper Ice-T, released in 1997 by Okido Records. This collection offers a glimpse into Ice-T’s formative years in the music industry, showcasing his early experiments with electronic and hip-hop sounds, particularly in the electro genre.

The 8-track compilation includes several standout tracks from Ice-T’s early career, such as “Ya Don’t Quit,” “Body Rock,” “Dog ‘n’ The Wax,” and the iconic “6 In The Morning.” These tracks display Ice-T’s unique ability to blend electronic beats with compelling storytelling, foreshadowing his rise to prominence in the hip-hop world.

“The Coldest Rap” and “Iceapella” further demonstrate Ice-T’s talent for captivating wordplay, while the clean version of “6 In The Morning” offers a radio-friendly alternative to the original track. The album concludes with “Ice T’s Mini Ice Mix,” a 12-minute medley featuring an intro by Ice-T and a selection of his early hits, seamlessly mixed together.

Released in the Netherlands, “The Early Years” provides fans with a rare opportunity to explore the beginnings of Ice-T’s illustrious career. With its fusion of electronic and hip-hop sounds, this compilation serves as a testament to the rapper’s innovative spirit and lasting impact on the music industry.



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