Ice Cube – In The Movies


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1 You Can Do It 04:19
Featuring – Mack 10, Ms. Toi
2 We Be Clubbin´ 04:47
3 Natural Born Killaz 04:16
Featuring – Dr. Dre
4 Anybody Seen The Popo´s?! 03:56
5 Friday 03:49
6 How To Survive In South Central 03:40
7 $100 Dollar Bill Y´all 03:39
8 You Know I´m A Ho 04:17
Featuring – Master P
9 The World Is Mine 03:10
Featuring – K-Dee, Mack 10
10 Ghetto Vet 04:38
Featuring – Mack 10, Mr. Short Khop
11 Maniac In The Brainiac 04:35
Featuring – Mack 10
12 The Wrong N**** To F**k Wit 02:49
13 Roll All Day 03:00
14 Higher 04:32
15 Trespass 02:54
Featuring – Ice-T
16 Right Here, Right Now 04:11
Featuring – Paul Oakenfold


“In The Movies” is a compilation album by iconic rapper Ice Cube from Los Angeles, California, released on September 4, 2007, by Priority Records. The album highlights Ice Cube’s contributions to various film soundtracks throughout his career, showcasing his versatility and prowess in the hip-hop genre.

This 16-track compilation features collaborations with renowned artists such as Mack 10, Ms. Toi, Dr. Dre, Master P, K-Dee, Mr. Short Khop, Ice-T, and Paul Oakenfold. With producers like One Eye, Dutch, Sir Jinx, Rockwilder, Bud’da, and Ice Cube himself behind the tracks, the album is a testament to Ice Cube’s continued relevance and impact in the music industry.

The compilation kicks off with the energetic “You Can Do It,” featuring Mack 10 and Ms. Toi, setting the tone for the rest of the album. Other standout tracks include the club anthem “We Be Clubbin’,” the menacing “Natural Born Killaz” with Dr. Dre, and the introspective “How To Survive In South Central.”

Further highlights include the catchy “$100 Dollar Bill Y’all,” the gritty “Ghetto Vet” featuring Mack 10 and Mr. Short Khop, and the powerful “Trespass” with Ice-T. The album concludes with the genre-defying collaboration “Right Here, Right Now” with Paul Oakenfold, showcasing Ice Cube’s ability to push boundaries and explore new sounds.

“In The Movies” is a must-have compilation for Ice Cube fans, as it brings together some of his most memorable tracks from various film soundtracks, demonstrating his impact on both the music and film industries.



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