Hoop-La – The Resurrection


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1 John 3:16 00:15
2 Hoopla Thang 03:30
3 Strange (Money Remix) 03:19
4 Griotical (Remix) 03:09
5 Romans 10:9 / Revelation (Remix) 03:53
6 G-Side 03:16
7 What’s Wrong 00:48
8 Where You At? 03:16
9 John 3:5 / The Resurrection 04:13
10 Two Of Us 02:23
11 Armageddon 03:58
12 Step To The Left 00:57
13 Griotical 04:12
14 Money 03:23


“The Resurrection” is the second studio album by Hoop-La, a rap group hailing from South San Francisco and Daly City, California. Released in 1997 under the D/Bess Recordings label, the album features a G-Funk style that highlights the group’s unique sound and lyrical prowess.

This 16-track album showcases Hoop-La’s signature style, which combines catchy hooks with thought-provoking lyrics. The tracks delve into various themes, such as faith, self-reflection, and personal growth, creating an engaging listening experience for fans of G-Funk and hip-hop alike.

Some of the standout tracks on “The Resurrection” include “HOOPla Thang,” “Strange (Money Remix),” “Griotical (Remix),” “Revelation (Remix),” “G-Side,” and “Armageddon.” These songs, along with the others on the album, showcase the group’s ability to deliver powerful messages through their music while staying true to their G-Funk roots.

The album also features two interludes mixed with the songs, which serve to enhance the overall listening experience and provide a unique touch to the album’s structure. These interludes, along with the other tracks, showcase Hoop-La’s ability to create a cohesive and dynamic sound that resonates with listeners.

“The Resurrection” is a testament to Hoop-La’s talent and dedication to their craft. Their distinctive G-Funk sound and thought-provoking lyrics create a memorable album that captures the essence of the late ’90s hip-hop scene. This album stands as a reminder of Hoop-La’s impact on the California rap scene and their enduring appeal to fans of G-Funk and hip-hop.



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