Goldy – Ghetto Star


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1 Ghetto Star 03:49
2 Ghetto Star (Radio Edit) 03:50
3 Ghetto Star (Instrumental) 03:47
4 Ghetto Star (Acapella) 03:37


“Ghetto Star” is a single by Oakland, California rapper Goldy, released on October 13, 1998, under Cool Cats Entertainment and Anansi Records. This single was released to promote Goldy’s third studio album, “The Golden Rules.” As a standout track, “Ghetto Star” exemplifies Goldy’s signature gangsta hip-hop style and captures the essence of his storytelling abilities.

The single features four versions of the “Ghetto Star” track, including the original, radio edit, instrumental, and acapella versions. This allows listeners to enjoy and appreciate Goldy’s unique sound in various forms. The radio edit provides a censored version of the song suitable for airplay, while the instrumental and acapella versions offer a different perspective on the music, highlighting the beat and Goldy’s vocal performance, respectively.

Goldy, also known as Mhisani Miller, is an accomplished rapper with a talent for creating authentic, relatable music that connects with his audience. His distinct sound is characterized by a blend of gangsta hip-hop and smooth storytelling, which is showcased throughout his third studio album, “The Golden Rules.”

“Ghetto Star” is a prime example of Goldy’s ability to craft meaningful, impactful music that resonates with his fans. The single not only promoted his third album but also showcased his growth as an artist and solidified his status as a skilled rapper in the hip-hop community.

With the release of “Ghetto Star,” Goldy continued to make his mark on the music industry, demonstrating his commitment to producing quality, thought-provoking music for his fans. As a standalone single and a key track from “The Golden Rules,” “Ghetto Star” is a testament to Goldy’s talent and his dedication to his craft.



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