Go Getta Da PaperBoi – Lean Cookies Money Stacks


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1 Ambitions As A Hustla 03:30
2 Big Butt Long Weave 01:57
3 Close Your Eyes 03:41
4 Fucked Up And Faded 04:28
5 Gettin To The Money 02:59
6 Grinder 03:29
7 Hit The Block 02:58
8 Hustla’s Motivation 02:25
9 Gangsta Life 02:58
10 Rate Her 02:30
Featuring – Nina Loco
11 Really Wit Tha Shit 03:16
12 Werre We Go 03:12


“Lean Cookies Money Stacks” is a gritty and captivating project by Fairfield, California-based rapper Go Getta Da PaperBoi. Released on December 29, 2016, under Wit-Tha-Movement Ent., the mixtape features twelve tracks that showcase Go Getta Da PaperBoi’s undeniable talent for storytelling and wordplay, with a guest appearance by Nina Loco.

The mixtape opens with “Ambitions As A Hustla,” a track that highlights Go Getta Da PaperBoi’s drive and determination to succeed. “Big Butt Long Weave” follows, offering an upbeat and catchy tune that’s sure to get listeners moving.

“Close Your Eyes” slows down the pace with its introspective lyrics, while “Fucked Up And Faded” brings the energy back up with a party anthem that’s perfect for late-night celebrations.

“Gettin To The Money” and “Grinder” showcase Go Getta Da PaperBoi’s relentless work ethic, while “Hit The Block” and “Hustla’s Motivation” dive into the harsh realities of life on the streets.

“Gangsta Life” explores the complexities of living a life of crime, and “Rate Her” features Nina Loco, adding a fresh perspective to the mixtape. “Really Wit Tha Shit” is a bold statement of Go Getta Da PaperBoi’s commitment to his craft, and the mixtape concludes with “Werre We Go,” a reflective track about the rapper’s journey and growth.

“Lean Cookies Money Stacks” is a project that demonstrates Go Getta Da PaperBoi’s versatility as an artist and his ability to create engaging, thought-provoking music that resonates with listeners.



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