Ghetto Hippie – Incense, Fluorescent Lights & Testimonies


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1 Intro – Welcome To The Album 01:01
2 Testify 05:24
3 Life Is A Bitch 04:04
4 Everybody 04:09
5 Interlude – Got To Be Thankful 00:29
6 Crazy 04:52
7 Soul Fly Free 03:51
8 Incense & Fluorescent Lights 05:59
9 Whole World Rockin’ 03:36
10 Good Times 05:10
11 Interlude – Sweet, Sweet Ganja 00:56
12 Soul Staying True 02:28
13 Interlude – Elistnacution 00:46
14 Triple X 04:46
15 Whole World Rockin’ (Joyride Version) 03:34


“Incense, Fluorescent Lights & Testimonies” is the one and only album by Ghetto Hippie, a rapper from Compton, California. Released on March 18, 1997, under World Movement Records and Raging Bull Records, this album showcases Ghetto Hippie’s unique take on the Gangsta hip-hop style.

Derrick Wilson, known as Ghetto Hippie, delivers a powerful 15-track album that blends raw lyricism with masterful production. The album features collaborations with various producers, such as Gary “DJ GLE” Ellis, Brian Nolan, Damion Young, Ron King, and The Real Richie Rich, ensuring a diverse and dynamic listening experience.

Some standout tracks on “Incense, Fluorescent Lights & Testimonies” include “Testify,” “Life Is A Bitch,” “Everybody,” “Crazy,” “Soul Fly Free,” and “Whole World Rockin’.” These songs are complemented by several interludes, such as “Got To Be Thankful” and “Sweet, Sweet Ganja,” which add depth and character to the album.

Ghetto Hippie’s signature style, evident throughout the album, combines thought-provoking lyrics with rich instrumental arrangements. The fusion of guitar, bass, keyboards, and talkbox create a captivating soundscape, which perfectly complements Ghetto Hippie’s vocal performance.

“Incense, Fluorescent Lights & Testimonies” is a testament to Ghetto Hippie’s talent and the diverse influences that shaped his music. The album captures the spirit of the late ’90s hip-hop scene, while also offering a fresh perspective on the Gangsta genre. Ghetto Hippie’s unique voice and style ensure that this album remains an essential listen for fans of hip-hop and those looking to discover something new.



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