Gaz – Rollin’ Thru Da Hoodi


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1 Gumbo 04:15
2 R&B Vibe (Cruisin’ Mixx) 05:40
3 Underground 03:59
4 Go Go “The Hittin’ Switches” (Hood Mix) 04:17
5 Underground Club (Club Mixx) 05:03


“Rollin’ Thru Da Hoodi” is an extremely rare release by Los Angeles-based rapper Gaz. This single, released in 1995 by Smooth Sailing Records, features five tracks that combine G-Funk and Gangsta styles, capturing the essence of the mid-90s hip-hop scene. The tracks showcase Gaz’s smooth flow and unique approach to storytelling, blending catchy hooks with vivid lyrics.

The single includes the following tracks: “Gumbo,” “R&B Vibe (Cruisin’ Mixx),” “Underground,” “Go Go ‘The Hittin’ Switches’ (Hood Mix),” and “Underground Club (Club Mixx).” The production was handled by Fat Rat and Jesse Saunders, who brought an authentic G-Funk sound to the project.

“Rollin’ Thru Da Hoodi” is copyrighted and distributed by Smooth Sailing Records, which also took care of marketing and manufacturing. The executive producers for the release were Ivan Henderson and Michael Trammell. Q Graphics contributed to the album’s visual design, creating a captivating look for this rare gem.

This single, with its combination of G-Funk and Gangsta styles, is a testament to Gaz’s talent and a unique snapshot of the mid-90s hip-hop scene. Collectors and fans of the genre will appreciate the rarity and quality of this release as they explore Gaz’s music.



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