G. Battles – Generation After Crack


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1 Home Of Homicide 04:15
2 No Place Like Oakland 03:46
Featuring – Chief Mainy, Yaya Germany, Jay Jonah
3 Two Ways Out 04:02
Featuring – Dre Drizzah
4 They Keep Calling 04:04
5 Real Clean 04:40
Featuring – A1
6 Warzone 04:15
Featuring – Duke Bossman
7 Touch Down 04:13
Featuring – Spice 1
8 Skit: Epidemic 00:55
9 After Crack 03:34
Featuring – Bloc Rasta P
10 Free 03:59
11 Get Money 04:16
Featuring – Lil Buddy, Chief Mainy
12 Crack In The Flesh 03:06
13 You Be Lying 03:50
Featuring – Isis Genesis
14 Going And Going 03:32
Featuring – London
15 Last Ones Left 04:59
Featuring – Rappin’ 4-Tay, Mic Danja


“Generation After Crack” is a compelling project by Oakland rapper G. Battles, released on September 29, 2013, through Blakhartmusic. This thought-provoking album delves into the harsh realities of life in the urban landscape post-crack epidemic, while also offering moments of hope and resilience. Comprised of 15 tracks, the album features collaborations with various talented artists, giving listeners a rich and diverse listening experience.

The album begins with “Home Of Homicide,” a powerful introduction to G. Battles’ world and the struggles faced by those living in the aftermath of the crack epidemic. “No Place Like Oakland” features Chief Mainy, Yaya Germany, and Jay Jonah, offering a gripping portrayal of life in the city and showcasing the unique styles of each artist.

In tracks like “Two Ways Out” featuring Dre Drizzah and “They Keep Calling,” G. Battles takes listeners on an emotional journey, with introspective verses reflecting on personal struggles and the harsh realities of life. “Real Clean” featuring A1 and “Warzone” featuring Duke Bossman offer hard-hitting verses that highlight G. Battles’ lyrical prowess.

“Touch Down” featuring legendary rapper Spice 1, serves as a standout moment in the album, providing a captivating collaboration that pays homage to the West Coast hip-hop scene. The album also includes a thought-provoking skit, “Epidemic,” which sets the stage for the subsequent track “After Crack” featuring Bloc Rasta P.

Songs like “Free,” “Get Money” featuring Lil Buddy and Chief Mainy, and “Crack In The Flesh” offer glimpses of hope and the pursuit of a better life despite the challenges faced in the streets. “You Be Lying” featuring Isis Genesis and “Going And Going” featuring London explore themes of love and relationships in the context of the urban landscape. The album concludes with “Last Ones Left,” a powerful collaboration with Rappin’ 4-Tay and Mic Danja, serving as a testament to survival and resilience.



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