Fundamentals – Stop The World


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1 Prologue 02:10
Featuring – Evil East, Malicious West
2 Pow Wow 04:09
Featuring – Eclipse 427
3 Code Red 03:14
4 Lunar Picnic 01:27
5 Gravitational Pull 04:55
Featuring – Kirby Dominant
6 Monkey King 04:23
7 Science Must Progress 04:51
8 B.A.H. 04:54
9 Chaos Theory 01:30
10 Personal History 01:00
11 Wind And Water 04:21
Featuring – Malicious West
12 Stop The World 05:06
13 Rivers Of Gold 05:07
14 Love… (Fundamentalism 3) 01:01
15 Dark Tower 04:42
Featuring – The All Sun Avatars
16 Mission Statement 05:08
17 Flight 05:20
18 Untitled 02:32
19 Untitled 05:34


“Stop The World” is an underground hip-hop gem from the Oakland-based rap group Fundamentals, released in 1998 under the Kemetic Suns label. The group, consisting of Jonathan Sklute and KarmaChi, delivers an impressive album that showcases their unique sound, intricate lyricism, and thought-provoking themes. With its diverse production and a slew of talented guest features, “Stop The World” stands as a testament to the creativity and talent present in the late 90s underground hip-hop scene.

The album kicks off with “Prologue,” featuring Evil East and Malicious West, setting the stage for the atmospheric and experimental journey the listener is about to embark on. “Pow Wow,” produced by and featuring Eclipse 427, is a captivating track that highlights the group’s wordplay and flow over an engaging beat.

Throughout the album, Fundamentals explore various themes, from science fiction and technology to personal struggles and societal issues. Tracks such as “Monkey King” and “Science Must Progress” showcase the group’s ability to tackle complex subject matter while still delivering a captivating listening experience.

Collaborations with other artists like Kirby Dominant on “Gravitational Pull” and Malicious West on “Wind And Water” add depth and variety to the album, further solidifying Fundamentals’ place in the underground hip-hop scene.

“Stop The World” culminates with the powerful title track, co-produced by KarmaChi, which encapsulates the essence of the album, and “Flight,” a fitting conclusion that leaves the listener reflecting on the entire project.

Overall, “Stop The World” is a must-listen for fans of underground hip-hop and serves as a prime example of the creativity and raw talent present in the late 90s Oakland scene.



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