Frost – For The Homeboys


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1 La Raza 04:53
2 East Side Story 04:43
3 Mexican Border 04:11
4 Mi Vida Loca 04:54
5 Six Million Ways To Die 05:16
Featuring – Clika One
6 La Raza Pt. 2 03:41
7 Volo 03:58
8 No Sunshine 04:59
Featuring – Mr. Mixx (2 Live Crew), Prince Teddie
9 So Cold 03:24
Featuring – Scoop DeVille
10 Feria 04:34
Featuring – Baby Bash, Jay Tee, Don Cisco, One Drop Scott
11 Tex To Cali 04:43
Featuring – SPM
12 2006 La Raza Remix 03:37
Featuring – Scoop De Ville, Lil Rob, Diamonique, Fingazz
13 La Familia 04:06


For The Homeboys is a compilation album by Los Angeles-based rapper Frost, released on March 5, 2013, by Raza Records and SL Entertainment. This compilation brings together some of Frost’s most memorable tracks, featuring a star-studded lineup of guest artists such as Clika One, Mr. Mixx (2 Live Crew), Prince Teddie, Scoop DeVille, Baby Bash, Jay Tee, Don Cisco, One Drop Scott, SPM, Lil Rob, Diamonique, and Fingazz.

The album consists of 13 tracks that showcase Frost’s unique fusion of hip-hop and Latino culture. Starting with the iconic anthem “La Raza,” the compilation takes listeners on a journey through Frost’s career, highlighting his distinctive style and commitment to representing his heritage.

Tracks like “East Side Story,” “Mexican Border,” and “Mi Vida Loca” are classic examples of Frost’s storytelling prowess and his ability to create vivid and compelling narratives about life in the streets. The album also features collaborative tracks, such as “Six Million Ways to Die” with Clika One, “No Sunshine” with Mr. Mixx and Prince Teddie, and “So Cold” with Scoop DeVille.

Further collaborations include “Feria” featuring Baby Bash, Jay Tee, Don Cisco, and One Drop Scott, and “Tex To Cali” with SPM. The album closes with the 2006 remix of “La Raza,” featuring Scoop De Ville, Lil Rob, Diamonique, and Fingazz, as well as the heartfelt “La Familia.”

For The Homeboys serves as a celebration of Frost’s contributions to the hip-hop and Latino music scenes. This compilation is a must-listen for fans of Frost and those interested in exploring the rich tapestry of Latino-influenced hip-hop from the early 2000s.



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