Freddy B – From The Old School


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1 I Can’t Call It 05:09
2 Back In The Days 03:53
3 Into The Night 03:08
4 The Batchelor Life 03:54
5 Sweet Young Tendas’ 04:26
6 Fresh Out The Pen 04:52
7 Dopefene Beat (I Want Some Helium) 05:27
8 Trues And Vogues 03:20
9 911 (Snitch) 03:31
10 The Hood 04:53


“From The Old School” is an exceptionally rare and highly sought-after hip-hop album by Oakland-based rapper Freddy B, released exclusively on cassette tape in 1992 by Serious Sounds. Steeped in the sound and style of early 90s hip-hop, this album showcases Freddy B’s lyrical prowess and storytelling ability, as well as the masterful production of Jay Hughes and Roger Mitchell.

The album is divided into two distinct sides: the Radio Side and the Street Side. The Radio Side features tracks like “I Can’t Call It,” “Back In The Days,” and “Into The Night,” which encapsulate the essence of early 90s hip-hop and transport listeners back to a time when the genre was still in its infancy. “The Batchelor Life” and “Sweet Young Tendas'” showcase Freddy B’s smooth flow and ability to captivate listeners with his storytelling.

The Street Side takes a grittier turn, as Freddy B delves into the realities of life on the streets of Oakland. “Fresh Out The Pen” and “Trues And Vogues” paint a vivid picture of the struggles faced by those living in the city’s rougher neighborhoods. “Dopefene Beat (I Want Some Helium)” and “911 (Snitch)” further explore the darker side of life, while “The Hood” serves as a fitting conclusion to this compelling collection of tracks.

The album was engineered at Gateway Studio in Fairfield, CA, and mastered at the legendary Fantasy Studios. The talents of engineer B. Ford and keyboardists B. Ford and Robert Fergueson are evident throughout the project, as they expertly bring Freddy B’s vision to life.

In summary, “From The Old School” is a must-listen for collectors and fans of early 90s hip-hop, providing a unique and authentic glimpse into the era’s Oakland scene.


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