Freaky Fred – Game Check


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1 Stirctly 4 Da Trunk 04:04
2 Take A Tuke 03:55
3 The Flatlands 04:07
4 Freaky Fonk Flow 04:11
5 Play It Right 03:43
6 Punk Bitch 04:27
7 Perp ‘N Jerk 03:55
8 Peep A Playa 03:48


“Game Check” is the only studio album by Fairfield, California rapper Freaky Fred, released on June 17, 1994, through Let The Trunk Rump Records and SMG Solar Music Group. This classic album showcases Freaky Fred’s lyrical ability and storytelling prowess, solidifying his place in the West Coast hip-hop scene. With a fusion of gangsta rap and G-Funk styles, “Game Check” offers a genuine representation of the mid-90s California sound.

The album kicks off with “Stirctly 4 Da Trunk,” setting the tone for the gritty yet melodic tracks to follow. “Take A Tuke” continues the momentum, before transitioning into “The Flatlands,” a track that highlights the harsh realities of life in the streets. “Freaky Fonk Flow” showcases Freaky Fred’s unique style and delivery, while “Play It Right” offers a more laid-back, introspective vibe.

“Punk Bitch” picks up the pace with its aggressive lyrics and hard-hitting beat, followed by “Perp ‘N Jerk,” which brings a catchy hook and infectious rhythm. The album concludes with “Peep A Playa,” a smooth track that leaves listeners wanting more from the talented rapper.

Recorded at K-Lou Studios and mastered by K-Lou, “Game Check” benefits from the expertise of producers Mike Mosley and Sam Bostic. The album’s executive producer, E-Feddy, and the design by Phunky Phat Graph-X contribute to its polished presentation.

Freaky Fred’s “Game Check” is a testament to the rapper’s undeniable talent and unique style, offering an authentic snapshot of the West Coast hip-hop scene in the mid-90s.



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