FM Blue – The World Is… Blue


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1 Intro 01:21
Featuring – T-Luni
2 Raised On The Game 03:54
Featuring – Too Short
3 Wanted 04:32
4 I Mean I Mean 05:08
Featuring – J Stalin, San Quinn
5 Till Da Cops Show Up 04:06
Featuring – Richie Rich, Yuk
6 Town Bizz 03:52
7 Hoodlum 03:39
Featuring – Keak Da Sneak, Polo
8 Da Fast Life 03:44
Featuring – Curcinado, T-Luni
9 Fatal 03:39
10 Alright 03:34
Featuring – Devin Da Dude
11 P-I-mpin 04:41
Featuring – G-Stack, Richie Rich
12 Silly Niggaz 05:04
13 Bay Hittaz 04:08
Featuring – J-Stalin, Sky Balla
14 Terrible Thing 04:27
15 4 Da Hustlas 03:58
Featuring – Eddy P, Numskull
16 Mirror 03:14
17 Notify 03:57
Featuring – Messy Marv
18 Playa’s Prayer 04:04


“The World Is… Blue” marks the debut studio album of Oakland-based rapper FM Blue, released on June 15, 2004, by Fast Life Entertainment. The album offers a collection of 18 tracks that highlight FM Blue’s skills as an MC and his ability to collaborate with some of the most respected names in the hip-hop industry.

FM Blue’s album showcases his lyrical prowess and storytelling ability, delivering a mix of gangsta rap and introspective tracks that provide insight into the artist’s life and experiences. The album kicks off with an “Intro” featuring T-Luni, setting the tone for what’s to come.

“Raised On The Game” features the legendary Too Short, and together, they create a track that pays homage to their roots in Oakland and the game that shaped them. “Wanted” and “I Mean I Mean,” featuring J Stalin and San Quinn, continue to deliver FM Blue’s unique perspective on life in the Bay Area.

“Till Da Cops Show Up” enlists the talents of Richie Rich and Yuk, while “Town Bizz” serves as an anthem for the streets of Oakland. “Hoodlum,” featuring Keak Da Sneak and Polo, showcases FM Blue’s ability to create memorable hooks and deliver hard-hitting verses.

“Da Fast Life” features Curcinado and T-Luni, offering a glimpse into the lifestyle that has defined the rapper’s career. “Fatal” and “Alright,” featuring Devin Da Dude, provide a more introspective look at FM Blue’s life and experiences.

As the album progresses, FM Blue continues to collaborate with notable artists, including Richie Rich on “P-I-mpin,” J Stalin and Sky Balla on “Bay Hittaz,” and Messy Marv on “Notify.” The album concludes with “Playa’s Prayer,” a fitting end to a diverse and engaging debut album.

In summary, “The World Is… Blue” serves as a captivating introduction to FM Blue’s artistry and cements his place in the Oakland hip-hop scene.



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