Fc Bart Simp – Way Or No Way


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1 We Been Thru 03:07
2 Dirty Hammer 03:50
3 Vest Up 03:40
4 Down Bad 02:08
5 Tommy Hilfiger 03:48
6 Swing Left 03:26
7 Truth 03:39
8 Fade Away (Pain Away) 03:37
9 L.U.V 03:45
10 Right Now 04:21
11 Part Time 02:26
12 Wanna Do Is Ball 03:55


“Way Or No Way” is a powerful mixtape by Montgomery, Alabama rapper Fc Bart Simp, released on June 29, 2017, under the Finesse Camp label. The project showcases Fc Bart Simp’s versatile rap skills, clever wordplay, and relatable storytelling throughout the 12 tracks.

The mixtape begins with the introspective “We Been Thru,” setting an emotional tone for the project. “Dirty Hammer” and “Vest Up” follow with a more aggressive, street-focused sound, while “Down Bad” brings a raw, confessional narrative.

“Tommy Hilfiger” is a catchy track that showcases Fc Bart Simp’s smooth flow, and “Swing Left” offers a unique beat and memorable hook. “Truth” delves into personal experiences and introspection, while “Fade Away (Pain Away)” explores themes of loss and perseverance.

“L.U.V” is a heartfelt track dedicated to love, while “Right Now” delivers an uptempo, motivational anthem. “Part Time” dives into the world of hustling, and the closing track, “Wanna Do Is Ball,” is a triumphant statement on ambition and success.

“Way Or No Way” is a captivating project that highlights Fc Bart Simp’s talent for storytelling and creating engaging tracks that resonate with fans of diverse backgrounds.



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