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1 I’m Fed Up 04:32
2 Father Dom Story 05:25
3 Hard To Handle 03:11
4 Grand Pooba… 04:40
5 Letter To My Listeners 03:40
6 U Don’t Stop 03:57
7 I Can’t Stay Mad (At You Forever) 05:12
8 Everybody Wants To Be An M.C. 04:17
9 Now We Gotcha 04:13
10 Keep On Doin Watcha Doin 05:01


“Father Dom” is the debut self-titled album by the Oakland, California rapper Father Dom. Released on November 11, 1991, by Wrap Records, this album showcases Father Dom’s unique and engaging hip-hop style that would go on to define his career.

Opening with “I’m Fed Up,” the album immediately establishes Father Dom’s frustration with the status quo, setting a tone of rebellion and determination. The second track, “Father Dom Story,” produced by Smooth G, delves into the rapper’s personal background and journey, providing listeners with a greater understanding of the man behind the music.

As the album continues, tracks like “Hard to Handle” and “Grand Pooba…” further demonstrate Father Dom’s lyrical prowess and ability to captivate audiences with his storytelling. “Letter to My Listeners” is a heartfelt and introspective piece, highlighting the rapper’s connection with his fans.

“U Don’t Stop” is a testament to Father Dom’s perseverance and dedication to his craft, while “I Can’t Stay Mad (At You Forever),” featuring Sugar Ray (Mother Fuckin) Howell on chorus, showcases a more vulnerable and emotional side of the rapper.

“Everybody Wants to Be an M.C.” is a commentary on the state of the hip-hop scene, reflecting Father Dom’s perspective on the industry. The album takes a collaborative turn with “Now We Gotcha,” featuring uncredited appearances by Dangerous Dame and TMD, and produced by J.H. The Master.

The album closes with “Keep On Doin Watcha Doin,” an uplifting and motivating track that encourages listeners to stay true to themselves and pursue their passions.

Overall, “Father Dom” is a strong debut that effectively introduces the rapper’s unique style and perspective to the hip-hop community, setting the stage for a memorable career.



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