Ese Villen & Lysto – Lakeside Stories


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1 Intro 01:03
2 Getting’ Gangster 03:17
Featuring – Big Baba, Lil E, Miss Lady Pinks, Mr. Criminal
3 My Home 04:19
4 Sexy Mamacita 04:00
5 El Verano 04:42
Featuring – Big Baba, Mr. Criminal
6 1-800 03:46
Featuring – Big Baba
7 Bounce 04:22
Featuring – Big Baba
8 Gangsta X Gangsta 03:28
Featuring – Mr. Criminal
9 My Homies 03:50
Featuring – Jezmo
10 Cali Cloudz 03:39
Featuring – Mr. Criminal
11 Victory 03:26
Featuring – Stomper
12 Drugzie 04:37
Featuring – Stomper
13 War Going On 03:54
Featuring – Mr. Criminal
14 Silver Lake Riders II 04:28
Featuring – Mr. Criminal
15 Bonus Track. The Way We Ride (Spanish Remix) 03:56
Featuring – Big Baba


“Lakeside Stories” is a collaborative album by California rappers Ese Villen and Lysto, released on October 3, 2006, under B-Dub Records, Hi Power Entertainment, and PMC Music Group. The album fuses hip-hop and Latin music genres, creating a unique blend of gangsta and funk styles.

The 15-track album begins with an “Intro,” setting the tone for the energetic and diverse musical journey that follows. “Getting’ Gangster” features Big Baba, Lil E, Miss Lady Pinks, and Mr. Criminal, showcasing the rappers’ storytelling abilities and their passion for the gangsta lifestyle. “My Home” and “Sexy Mamacita” offer a more personal and intimate perspective, with Fingazz on talkbox for the latter track.

Collaborations continue throughout the album, as Big Baba and Mr. Criminal join Ese Villen and Lysto on “El Verano,” a summertime anthem. Other notable tracks include “1-800” and “Bounce,” both featuring Big Baba, and “Gangsta X Gangsta,” a collaboration with Mr. Criminal. Jezmo lends his talents to “My Homies,” while “Cali Cloudz” sees Mr. Criminal return for another standout feature.

“Victory” and “Drugzie” both feature Stomper, with the former showcasing a triumphant vibe and the latter delving into darker themes. “War Going On” and “Silver Lake Riders II” bring Mr. Criminal back for more gritty storytelling. The album concludes with a bonus track, “The Way We Ride (Spanish Remix),” featuring Big Baba, offering a fresh take on a fan favorite.

“Lakeside Stories” is a testament to the chemistry between Ese Villen and Lysto, offering an engaging mix of hip-hop and Latin styles, powerful storytelling, and impressive collaborations.



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