Ese Silent – The Varrio Sound


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1 Intro 01:40
2 The One You Read About 04:03
Featuring – Cricket, Lil’ Silent
3 Another Gangster Hit 04:09
Featuring – Mistah X, Lil’ Wobbles
4 Fuck Them Haters 03:50
Featuring – Mistah X, Lil’ Silent
5 Westsiding 02:45
6 Puro Gangeros X3 04:07
Featuring – Lil’ Wobbles, Lil’ Silent
7 Once Upon A Time 02:31
8 Pimpin’ Slappin’ Hoes 04:16
Featuring – Cricket, Mistah X
9 Crazy Motherfucker 03:07
10 G House Part 2 03:57
Featuring – Mistah X, Lil’ Silent
11 Silent Sniper Mission 03:17
Featuring – Sniper Of Southland Click
12 Another Gangster Hit (Remix) 03:05
Featuring – Mistah X
13 Gangster Rola 03:59
Featuring – Mz Krazie, Sniper
14 The Setup (Skit) 01:38
15 Puro Pleito (Remix) 03:39
Featuring – Mistah X
16 Welcome To The Westside Remix) 03:58
Featuring – Mistah X
17 Outro 02:41


“The Varrio Sound” is a studio album by Albuquerque, New Mexico-based rapper Ese Silent. Released in 2004 by Underground 505 Records, the album features a blend of hip hop and Latin styles, showcasing thug rap influences throughout. Collaborations on the album include Cricket, Lil’ Silent, Mistah X, Lil’ Wobbles, Mz Krazie, and Sniper.

The album starts with an introductory track, followed by “One You Read About,” which features Cricket and Lil Silent. Ese Silent maintains the gritty vibe with tracks like “Another Gangster Hit,” featuring Lil Wobbles and Mistah X, and “Fuck Them Haters,” showcasing Lil Silent and Mistah X.

“Westsiding,” featuring Mz. Krayzie, adds a unique touch to the album, while “Real Gangeros X3” brings together Lil Silent and Lil Wobbles. Ese Silent keeps the energy high with tracks such as “Once Upon A Time,” “Pimpin Slappin Hoes,” featuring Cricket and Mistah X, and “Krazy Motherfuckers.”

The album continues with “G House (Pt. 2),” featuring Lil Silent and Mistah X, and “Silent / Sniper Mission,” spotlighting Sniper. “Another Gangster Hit (Remix)” and “Gangster Rola,” featuring Mz. Krayzie and Sniper, add depth to the project. Additional tracks include “The Set Up (Skit),” “Puro Plieto,” featuring Mistah X, and “Welcome 2 The W/S (Remix),” also featuring Mistah X. The album concludes with “Outro (Representing).”

Ese Silent is a rapper hailing from Albuquerque, New Mexico, who has released two solo albums and is the older brother of fellow rapper Lil Silent. “The Varrio Sound” serves as a testament to Ese Silent’s talents and his commitment to representing his roots and culture through music.



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