El King – The King Is Here


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1 Livin This War 04:30
2 Who Am I, What Am I 04:36
3 The King Is Here 03:17
4 Pass The 40 03:32
5 Give Me My Sheets 04:26
6 Not By Choice 05:38
7 The Rapture 04:41
8 Stick Um Up 02:57


“The King Is Here” is an extremely rare and sought-after mini-album by Los Angeles-based rapper El King, released in 1996 under El King Entertainment. This hidden gem of the G-Funk era showcases El King’s distinctive flow and lyrical skills, offering a glimpse into the West Coast hip-hop scene of the mid-90s.

The album kicks off with “Livin This War,” a track that sets the stage for El King’s vivid storytelling and thought-provoking lyrics. “Who Am I, What Am I” follows, delving into the rapper’s self-reflection and introspection while maintaining the groovy G-Funk sound.

The titular track, “The King Is Here,” serves as a powerful statement of El King’s arrival in the hip-hop scene, boasting his undeniable talent and unique style. “Pass The 40” offers a laid-back, party vibe that contrasts with the deeper themes present in the album.

“Give Me My Sheets” and “Not By Choice” further explore El King’s lyrical dexterity, tackling complex topics with a smooth and engaging flow. “The Rapture” takes a turn toward the spiritual, demonstrating the rapper’s versatility and ability to cover a wide range of subject matter.

Finally, “Stick Um Up” closes the mini-album on a high note, delivering a catchy and memorable track that leaves listeners eager for more of El King’s music.

Although it’s a rare find, “The King Is Here” stands as a testament to El King’s talent and contribution to the G-Funk era of hip-hop, making it a must-listen for true fans of the genre.



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