EBH Featuring Always Hittin’ Clan – Can You Handle It


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1 The Groove 03:44
2 Gangsta Rock King 05:10
3 Can You Handle It 03:58
4 Always Hittin-N-The House 03:42
5 Money “92” 03:36
6 Life Goes On 03:51


“Can You Handle It” is the captivating debut release by Oakland, California-based rap group EBH, who burst onto the hip-hop scene in 1992. This six-track album, featuring Always Hittin’ Clan, was released by Basement Records (BR02C) and showcases the group’s talent for blending gritty gangsta rap with infectious beats and memorable hooks.

The album begins with “The Groove,” an instantly engaging track that sets the tone for the rest of the album with its smooth beat and catchy lyrics. “Gangsta Rock King” follows, combining a unique blend of rap and rock elements that showcase the group’s versatility and willingness to push the boundaries of hip-hop.

The title track, “Can You Handle It,” serves as a powerful challenge to listeners and displays EBH’s raw talent and energy. The second half of the album kicks off with “Always Hittin-N-The House,” a collaboration with Always Hittin’ Clan that highlights the chemistry between the two groups and their shared passion for making great music.

“Money ’92” delves into the struggles and aspirations that come with the pursuit of financial success, while the closing track, “Life Goes On,” offers a reflective and introspective look at the complexities of life and the resilience needed to overcome obstacles.

Basement Records holds both the copyright and phonographic copyright for “Can You Handle It.” The album was brought to life by executive producer Moses Willis, with production duties handled by Chilly Shell and Philly Phil. The duo also served as the primary songwriters for the album, crafting lyrics that continue to resonate with listeners more than three decades after the album’s release.

“Can You Handle It” stands as a testament to EBH’s undeniable talent and their impact on the West Coast hip-hop scene. This debut release remains a must-listen for fans of classic gangsta rap and serves as a reminder of the genre’s golden era.


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