EBH – Drop’n Da Pound


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1 One Wisdom 05:02
2 Drop Da Pound 07:10
3 Life Ain’t Nothin’ But A Chess Game 03:39
4 Mind Of A Criminal 02:51
5 Comin’ To The Stage 03:31
6 The Bomb 03:46
7 Hard Times In The Ghetto 05:29
8 Daddies In A Hurst 03:39
9 Chess Game 2 03:38
10 Dedication 06:04


“Drop’n Da Pound” is the gritty and powerful second release by Oakland, California rap group EBH, which hit the streets in 1993. Released exclusively on cassette tape by Basement Records (EBH9301C), this album is a testament to the early ’90s hip-hop scene and the raw, unfiltered sound that defined the era. EBH’s unique blend of gangsta rap and hip-hop showcases their lyrical skills and ability to craft compelling narratives.

The album consists of ten tracks, each packed with hard-hitting beats and socially conscious lyrics that explore the realities of life in the inner city. “One Wisdom” sets the stage for the album, laying down a foundation of knowledge and perspective. “Drop Da Pound,” the title track, is an intense anthem that captures the group’s energy and passion for their craft.

“Life Ain’t Nothin’ But A Chess Game” and “Mind of a Criminal” delve into the complexities of navigating life in the streets, while “Comin’ to the Stage” showcases the group’s ambition to make their mark on the hip-hop scene. The second half of the album kicks off with “The Bomb,” an explosive track that highlights the group’s ability to captivate listeners.

“Hard Times in the Ghetto” and “Daddies in a Hurst” provide raw and honest glimpses into the challenges faced by those living in underprivileged communities. “Chess Game 2” serves as a sequel to the earlier track, further exploring the metaphor of life as a chess game. The album concludes with “Dedication,” a heartfelt tribute to the group’s supporters and their shared experiences.

“Drop’n Da Pound” was manufactured and printed by Disc Makers, with Moses Willis serving as the executive producer. The album’s production was handled by Poe, James Grizby, and Moe Money, while the writing credits include contributions from 3rd Degree, Shelly Shell, Dangster Mike, Deathwish, Marvin Lee, and Rasheed.

“Drop’n Da Pound” remains an essential snapshot of the early ’90s West Coast rap scene and a testament to EBH’s undeniable talent.


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