DJ Screw – Stressed Out


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1 Goin’ Down 03:53
2 My Sweet Trick 12:30
3 Situations 05:05
4 Every Day 05:21
5 Stressed Out 07:11
6 Players Ball 07:36
7 Shout Outs 07:03
8 Mackin’ Ain’t Easy 04:22
9 Hit The Highway 09:07
10 My Life 01:44
11 True To The Game 05:06
12 How Long Will They Mourn Me 04:44
13 Don’t Make Dollars Don’t Make Sense Freestyle 02:49
14 So Real Freestyle 04:31
15 Funky Lyrics 07:29
16 Just A Touch 05:47


“Stressed Out” is a posthumous album by the legendary DJ Screw from Houston, Texas. Released on May 12, 2019, by Sic Records, the album pays tribute to DJ Screw’s undeniable impact on the hip-hop scene and his signature chopped and screwed sound. The 16-track album features a blend of original tracks and remixes that exemplify DJ Screw’s unique style and talent.

Opening with “Goin’ Down,” the album sets the tone for a journey through DJ Screw’s artistic prowess. The 12-minute epic “My Sweet Trick” showcases his ability to manipulate beats and create an immersive listening experience. “Situations” and “Every Day” delve into the struggles and tribulations faced in daily life, while the title track “Stressed Out” highlights the pressures of living in a fast-paced world.

“Players Ball” and “Mackin’ Ain’t Easy” demonstrate DJ Screw’s affinity for storytelling, while “Shout Outs” pays homage to the artists and friends who influenced his career. “Hit The Highway” is a smooth, laid-back track that offers a moment of introspection, followed by the personal and reflective “My Life.”

The album continues with “True To The Game” and “How Long Will They Mourn Me,” exploring themes of loyalty, loss, and the harsh realities of the streets. The final three tracks, “Don’t Make Dollars Don’t Make Sense Freestyle,” “So Real Freestyle,” and “Funky Lyrics,” display DJ Screw’s freestyle capabilities and his talent for improvisation, further solidifying his status as a pioneering figure in the hip-hop community. The album concludes with “Just A Touch,” a melodic track that serves as a fitting tribute to DJ Screw’s lasting impact on music and culture.

“Stressed Out” not only pays homage to DJ Screw’s unique sound and style, but also showcases his ability to connect with listeners through storytelling, introspection, and his undeniable talent for creating immersive soundscapes. The album serves as a reminder of DJ Screw’s lasting legacy in the hip-hop community and the indelible mark he left on the music industry.

As a posthumous release, “Stressed Out” is an essential addition to the collection of any DJ Screw fan and a testament to the enduring power of his music. Whether you’re a longtime listener or new to his sound, this album offers a comprehensive look at the talent and influence of one of hip-hop’s most innovative artists.



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