DJ Scarface – Public Enemy #1


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1 We Real 03:45
Featuring – Big Prodeje, Spice 1
2 R E S P E C T / Whut We Do 02:31
Featuring – Big Prodeje, MC Eiht
3 Streets 04:07
Featuring – Young Noble, Bishop Lamont, Tru Trilla
4 Soldier 03:25
Featuring – Outlawz, Tre Williams
5 Kicc It With Us 03:02
Featuring – Big Prodeje, L.V.
6 Get It On Da Floor 03:13
Featuring – Itz Karma
7 Black Man 03:46
Featuring – Tre Williams
8 Is It OK? 04:37
Featuring – Big Prodeje, Lil Cas
9 Invincible 03:37
Featuring – Tru Trilla
10 Feet Don’t Fail Me Now 03:12
Featuring – Rise Rashid
11 Show Me 02:58
Featuring – Bob Chin
12 Streets (Remix) 03:10
Featuring – Big Prodeje, M Omentum
13 Honest To God (Remix) 03:02
Featuring – King Henzee, Big Prodeje
14 Hello Bye 03:04
Featuring – Tru Trilla


“Public Enemy #1” is a mixtape project by DJ Scarface from Los Angeles, California, released on July 22, 2016, under the label Scar/Face Muzik. This mixtape brings together a collection of talented artists, including Big Prodeje, Spice 1, MC Eiht, Young Noble, Bishop Lamont, Tru Trilla, Outlawz, Tre Williams, L.V., Itz Karma, Lil Cas, Rise Rashid, Bob Chin, M Omentum, and King Henzee. The 14-track project showcases a blend of West Coast rap and hip-hop styles, all seamlessly curated by DJ Scarface.

The mixtape kicks off with the hard-hitting track “We Real,” featuring Big Prodeje and Spice 1. The following tracks like “R E S P E C T / Whut We Do” with Big Prodeje and MC Eiht, and “Streets” featuring Young Noble, Bishop Lamont, and Tru Trilla, further highlight the lyrical prowess of the artists and the production skills of DJ Scarface.

Collaborations with Outlawz and Tre Williams on “Soldier” and Big Prodeje and L.V. on “Kicc It With Us” showcase the diversity of sounds on this mixtape. Tracks like “Get It On Da Floor” featuring Itz Karma and “Black Man” with Tre Williams deliver energetic performances, while “Is It OK?” featuring Big Prodeje and Lil Cas brings a more introspective vibe to the mixtape.

As the project comes to a close, the listener is treated to “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now” featuring Rise Rashid, “Show Me” with Bob Chin, and remixes of “Streets” and “Honest To God” featuring M Omentum and King Henzee, respectively. The final track, “Hello Bye,” featuring Tru Trilla, wraps up the project, leaving listeners eager to explore more of DJ Scarface’s work.



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