DJ Fresh & Tower – DJ Fresh Presents: The Tonite Show (With Tower)


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1 The Tonite Show 00:58
2 Twelves & Fithteens 03:35
3 Needles 2 Da Groove 03:48
4 Im A River 04:04
5 Gust Of Wind 05:08
Featuring – Smigg Dirtee, Ya Boy
6 Passenger Seat 03:58
Featuring – J. Stalin, Mistah F.A.B.
7 Fresh 2 Def 04:01
Featuring – Obnoxious, Smigg Dirtee
8 Chips N’ Cheese 04:07
9 Cars Go Boom 02:39
10 Left & Right 03:47
11 Back 2 U 02:44
12 I Needed You 04:33
Featuring – Myss Wyldchyld, Sonny Black, Ray Ryda, Gully, Shady Nate
13 Award Tour 03:12
14 Tower Shouts! 03:06
15 Cars Go Boom Remix 04:22
Featuring – J. Stalin, Furious
16 Boss Me Out 03:43


“DJ Fresh Presents: The Tonite Show (With Tower)” is a collaborative project by DJ Fresh and Tower, both representing Oakland, California. Released on June 17, 2007, by Fresh In The Flesh, the album features a fusion of gangsta and hyphy styles that showcase the duo’s exceptional talent and dedication to their craft. With 16 tracks, the album is a must-listen for fans of West Coast hip-hop.

The album kicks off with “The Tonite Show With Tower (Intro),” a 0:58 track that sets the stage for the high-energy beats and lyrics that follow. “Twelves & Fithteens” comes in at 3:35, demonstrating the duo’s skill in combining catchy hooks with captivating verses. “Needles To Da Groove,” a 3:48 track, further showcases DJ Fresh’s extraordinary production skills and Tower’s prowess as a rapper.

“I’m A River” is a 4:04 track that highlights the duo’s ability to blend introspection with captivating beats. The album continues with “Gust Of Wind,” a 5:08 track featuring Smigg Dirtee and Ya Boy, and “Passenger Seat,” a 3:58 track featuring J-Stalin and Mistah F.A.B., further showcasing the duo’s versatility and their seamless collaborations with other artists.

“Fresh 2 Def,” a 4:01 track featuring Obnoxious and Smigg Dirtee, “Chips ‘N Cheese” at 4:07, and “Cars Go Boom,” a 2:39 track, all illustrate DJ Fresh and Tower’s talent for creating memorable tunes. “Left & Right,” “Back 2 U,” and “I Needed You,” featuring Gully, Miss Wyldchyld, Ray Ryda, Shady Nate, and Sonny Black, provide a diverse range of sounds and styles, displaying the duo’s adaptability.

The album concludes with “Award Tour,” “Tower Shouts (Outro),” “Cars Go Boom (Remix)” featuring Furious and J-Stalin, and “Boss Me Out.” Produced by DJ Fresh and The Whole Shabang, “DJ Fresh Presents: The Tonite Show (With Tower)” is an unforgettable listening experience that solidifies the duo’s place in the West Coast hip-hop scene.



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