DJ Fresh & Mr. Tower – Hella Songs: The Definitive Collection (All Free-Styles)


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1 Candy 03:06
2 Optimo 04:00
3 Rappers 04:08
4 2Nite 03:17
5 The Bay 03:17
6 Why U? 04:43
7 A Fool 03:17
8 Punk Rock Beezy 02:37


“Hella Songs: The Definitive Collection (All Free-Styles)” is a collaborative project by DJ Fresh and Mr. Tower, both hailing from Oakland, California. Released on July 4, 2010, by A Few Dollars, this EP features a blend of thug rap and gangsta styles. With eight tracks, the duo showcases their unique talent for freestyling and creating catchy beats that leave a lasting impression on the listener.

The EP opens with “Candy,” a 3:05 track with infectious rhythms and lyrics that set the tone for the rest of the album. “Optimo” follows, a 4:00 track that highlights the duo’s ability to craft memorable hooks and verses. “Rappers,” the third track, comes in at 4:07 and showcases Mr. Tower’s prowess as a rapper, while DJ Fresh’s production skills shine through.

“2Nite” and “The Bay” are both 3:16 tracks that further demonstrate the duo’s talent for creating engaging beats and lyrics that stick with listeners. “Why U?” is a 4:42 track that delves into introspection and delivers a powerful message through its lyrics.

The EP continues with “A Fool,” another 3:16 track that exemplifies DJ Fresh and Mr. Tower’s ability to craft catchy tunes. The project concludes with “Punk Rock Beezy,” a 2:36 track that offers a unique blend of hip-hop and punk rock influences, showcasing the duo’s versatility and creativity.

Executive produced by DJ Fresh and Mr. Tower, “Hella Songs: The Definitive Collection (All Free-Styles)” is a testament to their skill and dedication to the art of hip-hop. With DJ Fresh’s outstanding production and Mr. Tower’s impressive rapping abilities, this project offers an unforgettable listening experience for fans of thug rap and gangsta styles.



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