DJ Daryl – Retro Collection, Vol. 1


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1 Messy Marv Real Talk 03:26
2 2Pac Keep Ya Head Up 04:42
3 Richie Rich, Ruffa Ain’t Goin Do 05:01
4 415, D-Locc Groupie 04:22
5 Steady Mobb’n Puff Puff Pass 04:06
6 C-Bo Who Ride 03:11
7 Snoop Dogg Don’t Let Go 03:52
8 Mob Figaz Sparks And Flames 03:59
9 Street Punk 8th Street 03:39
10 J. Stalin I’m A G 01:59
11 Richie Rich Sideshow 03:35
12 C-Bo Ain’t No Sunshine 02:43
13 415, Richie Rich Snitches & Bitches 04:20
14 Mystikal Unpredictable 03:42
15 The Master P, Steady Mobb’n If I Could Change 04:53
16 Dru Down Mr. Busta 04:02


“Retro Collection, Vol. 1” is a compilation album by renowned producer DJ Daryl from Oakland, California. Released on October 14, 2009, by Bomb Shelter, this album features a selection of tracks produced by DJ Daryl for legendary artists such as 2Pac, Richie Rich, C-Bo, Snoop Dogg, Mystikal, Master P, Dru Down, and more. The compilation showcases DJ Daryl’s exceptional production skills and his influential role in the development of West Coast hip-hop.

The album kicks off with “Real Talk” by Messy Marv, setting the tone for the collection of influential tracks to come. Highlights of the compilation include 2Pac’s iconic “Keep Ya Head Up,” Richie Rich and Ruffa’s “Ain’t Goin Do,” and Snoop Dogg’s smooth “Don’t Let Go.” DJ Daryl’s impressive production range is displayed through tracks like C-Bo’s “Who Ride,” Steady Mobb’n’s “Puff Puff Pass,” and Dru Down’s “Mr. Busta.”

“Retro Collection, Vol. 1” serves as a testament to DJ Daryl’s versatility as a producer and his ability to create memorable tracks for some of the biggest names in the hip-hop industry. This compilation album is a must-have for fans of West Coast hip-hop and those looking to explore DJ Daryl’s extensive discography.



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