Deuce Below Cartel – True Stories


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1 Deuce Below Funk Glade 04:59
2 Deuce Below It’s So Hard 04:44
3 Deuce Below Indo Smoke 04:50
4 Deuce Below No Love 04:39
5 Deuce Below Fuck R Get Fuck 04:32
6 Deuce Below True Stories 04:28
7 Deuce Below Ghetto Drama 04:37
8 Cooley High Tip Out The Window 04:52
9 Ben B. Hard The Dick 05:24
10 The Perk Coot Lane 05:39
11 Waco Stay High I’m Diein’ For Mine 03:39
12 Player Ju Young Azz Playa 06:14


“True Stories” is the one and only studio album by rap group Deuce Below Cartel, hailing from Fairfield, California. Released in 1996 under the SMG Solar Music Group label, the album showcases the group’s talents in gangsta rap and West Coast hip-hop styles.

The album kicks off with “Funk Glade,” a strong introduction to Deuce Below Cartel’s distinctive sound. “It’s So Hard” and “Indo Smoke” continue to build the album’s momentum with catchy hooks and beats. “No Love” and “F_ck R Get F_cked” delve into the grittier side of life, while the title track “True Stories” delivers a raw and honest account of the group’s experiences. “Ghetto Drama” explores the challenges faced in their neighborhood, and the album also features guest appearances by Cooley High, Ben B. Hard, The Perk, Waco Stay High, and Player Ju, each contributing their unique styles to the project.

“True Stories” is produced by an array of talented individuals, including Bobby Ford, Cliff Roberts, Larry Dee, Old Black, The Perk, and Waco*. The album was published by They Music Publishing Co. and pressed by Rainbo Records. With its gritty lyrics and captivating beats, “True Stories” stands as a testament to Deuce Below Cartel’s place in the Fairfield, California hip-hop scene during the mid-90s.



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