Deuce Below Cartel – True Stories


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1 Deuce Below Funk Glade 04:59
2 Deuce Below It’s So Hard 04:44
3 Deuce Below Indo Smoke 04:50
4 Deuce Below No Love 04:39
5 Deuce Below Fuck R Get Fuck 04:32
6 Deuce Below True Stories 04:28
7 Deuce Below Ghetto Drama 04:37
8 Cooley High Tip Out The Window 04:52
9 Ben B. Hard The Dick 05:24
10 The Perk Coot Lane 05:39
11 Waco Stay High I’m Diein’ For Mine 03:39
12 Player Ju Young Azz Playa 06:14


True Stories is the only studio album by rap group Deuce Below Cartel from Fairfield, California. The album was released in 1996 by SMG Solar Music Group.



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