Delinquent Habits – Dos Mundos Dos Lenguas


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1 Porque Huero 03:53
2 Lo Siento 03:57
Featuring – Michelle
3 Vida De Los Delinquentes 03:27
Featuring – Michelle
4 Toda Mi Gente 03:23
Featuring – Michelle
5 Sonidas De La Batalla 03:49
Featuring – Michelle
6 Como Guerra 03:15
Featuring – Sicko
7 Varrios Instrumentals 03:28
Featuring – Sicko, Michelle
8 Haciendo Movidas 03:27
Featuring – Michelle
9 Ser O No Ser 03:19
Featuring – Michelle
10 Cambio De Planes 03:24
Featuring – Michelle
11 No Te Amo 03:29
Featuring – Michelle


“Dos Mundos Dos Lenguas” is a studio album by the rap group Delinquent Habits, hailing from Los Angeles, California. Released on December 4, 2007, by Bum Rap Productions, Discos Profeta, and RC Music Latino, the album showcases the group’s unique blend of hip-hop and Latin influences. Featuring artists Michelle and Sicko, “Dos Mundos Dos Lenguas” offers a captivating listening experience that highlights the group’s bilingual and bicultural background.

The album kicks off with “Mexican American Intro,” followed by tracks like “Lo Siento,” “Por Dentro Y Por Fuero,” “Oye Oye,” and the “Vario Instrumental.” A brief “Mariachi Pause (Skit)” leads into “Cambio De Planes,” featuring Michelle, before diving into tracks such as “Como Guerra,” “Toda Mi Gente,” “Haciendo Movidas,” “Ser O No Ser,” and “Sonidos De La Batalla.” The album continues with “Vida De Los Delinquentes,” “No Te Amo,” and “Por Que Huero,” before concluding with the “Outro.”

Delinquent Habits, also known as “Los Delinquentes” and “Los Tres Delinquentes,” formed in 1991 in East Los Angeles. The group’s executive producers, Ives and O.G. Style, have created a unique sound by mixing traditional hip-hop beats with Latin rhythms and bilingual lyrics. “Dos Mundos Dos Lenguas” serves as a testament to Delinquent Habits’ versatility and their ability to bridge the gap between two distinct cultures and languages.



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