Datta Boy – Black Ink


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1 Fell So Far 03:17
2 Call Me 03:24
3 Voicemail 03:16
4 What Have I Done 05:02
5 Move 04:14
6 Get It 05:19
7 Escape 03:15
8 Famous 02:44
9 Blocka (Block Is Hot) 03:23
10 4 Am Flex 03:57


“Black Ink” is a mixtape project by Los Angeles-based rapper Datta Boy, self-released on June 29, 2017. This collection of tracks showcases Datta Boy’s unique style and lyrical talent, creating a captivating experience for hip-hop enthusiasts.

The mixtape begins with “Fell So Far,” a track that sets the tone for the rest of the project. The following songs, “Call Me” and “Voicemail,” dive deeper into Datta Boy’s storytelling abilities and his skill in delivering catchy hooks. “What Have I Done” and “Move” offer energetic beats and engaging lyrics that keep the listener hooked.

“Get It” and “Escape” follow, demonstrating Datta Boy’s versatility as an artist, while “Famous” provides a confident and ambitious vibe. The mixtape continues with “Blocka (Block Is Hot),” featuring a catchy hook and memorable verses, before closing with “4 Am Flex,” which ties the project together with its introspective lyrics and smooth production.

“Black Ink” is a testament to Datta Boy’s passion for the hip-hop genre, and his dedication to creating a memorable listening experience for his fans. With its diverse range of tracks and engaging lyrics, this mixtape is a must-listen for hip-hop fans looking to discover emerging talent in the rap scene.



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