Dangerous Dame – I Got What You Want


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1 Freestyle Shortbreak 01:19
2 Let Myself Go 04:06
3 City Of Macks 03:23
4 I Got What You Want 02:45
5 Far From A Regular 04:40
6 Troublematic Button 05:17
7 One Way Up 04:38
8 I Call Your Name 04:30
9 Subject Of Importance 03:54
10 Lil Rob Is In My Heart 04:05
11 The Powers That Be 03:47


“I Got What You Want” marks the debut major release by Oakland, California-based rapper Dangerous Dame. Released in 1990 under Atlantic Records, this album delves into the hip-hop genre with a gangsta style, showcasing the talents of the late Damon D. Edwards, who was one of the first Bay Area rap artists to sign with a major record company.

The album features 11 tracks, starting with “Freestyle Shortbreak” and followed by “Let Myself Go” (co-produced by Michael Chambers), “City of Macks,” “I Got What You Want,” “Far From A Regular,” “Troublematic Button,” “One Way Up,” “I Call Your Name,” “Subject of Importance,” “Lil Rob Is In My Heart,” and concluding with “The Powers That Be.”

Dangerous Dame, together with Lance Selleaze, co-produced tracks 4, 5, 10, and 11. Tracey Ellington contributed keyboards and instruments, while Sugar Ray Howell provided chorus on tracks 8 and 10. The album was engineered by Kevin Jones and Mood Indigo Productions and mastered at Atlantic Studios by Dennis King.

The album’s executive producer was William La Ron Davis, while art direction was handled by Bob Defrin and design by Lynn Kowalewski. David Roth contributed the album’s photography.

“I Got What You Want” was pressed by Rainbow Records and Sono Press in North Carolina, with the album’s publishing handled by the William La Ron Davis Publishing Co.

Despite Dangerous Dame’s passing on January 25th, 2023, his work on “I Got What You Want” and subsequent projects continues to influence and inspire the hip-hop community.



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